Some Fabulous Pedigrees

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Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1330Wiltshire, England I123040
2 Atkins, Eyed  1539Wiltshire, England I46276
3 Barrett, Henry  1435Wiltshire, England I148295
4 Barrett, Johanna  1470Wiltshire, England I148268
5 Batt, John  1517Wiltshire, England I111723
6 Beauchamp, Richard  1453Wiltshire, England I145612
7 Braybrook, Elizabeth  1409Wiltshire, England I145638
8 Burges, Mary  1605Wiltshire, England I141156
9 Burges, William  1577Wiltshire, England I141154
10 Burgess, Daniel  1614Wiltshire, England I135466
11 Burgess, Isaac  1612Wiltshire, England I141159
12 Burgess, William  1621Wiltshire, England I121368
13 Burgess, William  Abt 1622Wiltshire, England I53403
14 Carpenter, Fridgewith  1616Wiltshire, England I32786
15 Carpenter, William  23 May 1605Wiltshire, England I103380
16 Crekelade, Thomas  1360Wiltshire, England I94303
17 de Braybroke, Gerard Iv  Feb 1369Wiltshire, England I133412
18 De Stourton, Sir Ralph  1251Wiltshire, England I120850
19 De Stourton, Sir Knight William  1282Wiltshire, England I32937
20 DeBeauchamp, William  1392Wiltshire, England I145637
21 DeDeStourton, Guy  1225Wiltshire, England I130763
22 DeStourton, Alexander  1205Wiltshire, England I130762
23 Englefield, Margaret  Abt 1484WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND I153287
24 Goddard, Jane  1502Wiltshire, England I116429
25 Goddard, Miss  Abt 1456Wiltshire, England I103449
26 Hamon, Joane  1564Wiltshire, England I131920
27 Longe, Henry  1485Wiltshire, England I128245
28 Mallory, Sir Richard Mallore  1092Wiltshire, England I150322
29 Marvin, Walter Esq  1450Wiltshire, England I139557
30 Murfin, John Mervin  1410Wiltshire, England I139555
31 Parker, Jacob  Abt 1617Wiltshire, England I2899
32 Saint Barbe, Alice  1545Wiltshire, England I104391
33 Seager, Walter  1583Wiltshire, England I103591
34 Smythe, Richard  1460Wiltshire, England I103459
35 Snow, Mrs. Anthony  1532Wiltshire, England I140947
36 St Quintin, Lora  1342Wiltshire, ENGLAND I4718
37 Stourton, Ursula  1518Wiltshire, England I90337
38 Thistlethwayte, M.  1523Wiltshire, England I111724
39 Vernon, Joan de  1298Wiltshire, England I32938
40 Wroughton, John  1440Wiltshire, England I133368


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Carpenter, Fridgewith  23 Nov 1680Wiltshire, England I32786


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Henry  1473Wiltshire, England I148295
2 Batt, Christopher  31 Aug 1581Wiltshire, England I105539
3 Batt, Mary Alice  1638Wiltshire, England I103336
4 Burges, Eliza  1602Wiltshire, England I122514
5 Chidiock, Margaret de  Abt 11 Apr 1503Wiltshire, England I33005
6 De Hungerford, Walter  1308Wiltshire, England I144764
7 De Lutegareshale, John  14 Sep 1144Wiltshire, England I150735
8 de Montague, Sir Richard  12 Jun 1429Wiltshire, England I152413
9 de Monthermer, Margaret  23 Mar 1394Wiltshire, England I152406
10 De Stourton, Sir Ralph  1303Wiltshire, England I120850
11 DeBadlesmere, Joan  14 Jan 1324Wiltshire, England I145284
12 DeBeauchamp, William  19 Mar 1457Wiltshire, England I145637
13 Fitzjohn, Adam  1316Wiltshire, England I141306
14 Gifford, Baron John 1st Lord of Brimpsfield  29 May 1299Wiltshire, England I135452
15 Goddard, Edward  1647Wiltshire, England I116421
16 Harcourt, Alice De  1467Wiltshire, England I115914
17 Hungerford, Lady Grace Burga De  1251Wiltshire, England I130755
18 Hurlbut, William  1549Wiltshire, England I137443
19 Lambe, John  1495Wiltshire, England I140962
20 Marshall, Thomas Jr.  19 Mar 1618Wiltshire, England I107543
21 Martin, Rachael  1614Wiltshire, England I140810
22 Maudit, Mary (Malville)  1249Wiltshire, England I130760
23 Murfin, John Mervin  1476Wiltshire, England I139555
24 Richmond, Mary  1575Wiltshire, England I131679
25 Saint Barbe, Alice  1607Wiltshire, England I104391
26 Sanders, Nicholas  1542Wiltshire, England I129343
27 Seager, Walter  1643Wiltshire, England I103591
28 Shoreland, Alice  1643Wiltshire, England I141155
29 Smythe, Richard  27 Mar 1527Wiltshire, England I103459
30 Vernon, Robert de Sheriff  1302Wiltshire, England I32943


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Owens, Margaret  1615Wiltshire, England I31565
2 Saint Barbe, Alice  1607Wiltshire, England I104391
3 Saint Barbe, Alice  1607Wiltshire, England I105540


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batt / Thistlethwayte  1543Wiltshire, England F55704
2 Burges / Shoreland  1600Wiltshire, England F61866
3 DeBeauchamp / Braybrook  1426Wiltshire, England F63805
4 Dunstanville / L'Isle  1078Wiltshire, England F11519
5 Hungerford / Fitzjohn  Abt 1329Wiltshire, England F63592
6 Love / Arden  1521Wiltshire, England F61141
7 Pigeon / Pinke  1546Wiltshire, England F61130
8 Seager / Parsons  1608Wiltshire, England F55277

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