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Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Elizabeth Peake  23 Nov 1611Somerset, England I115424
2 Bawdrip, Thomas  1450Somerset, England I128148
3 Beaufort, John Marquess of Somerset  1372Somerset, England I139979
4 Beaumont, Katherine  1354Somerset, England I7923
5 Bray, Lady Catherine  1487Somerset, England I111832
6 Chenduit, Mrs William  Abt 1250Somerset, England I118157
7 Classut or Clapgut, Richard 'Claypoole'  Abt 1630Somerset, England I132269
8 Cooper, Ann  Abt 1540Somerset, England I141073
9 Daubeney, George  Abt 1456Somerset, England I118856
10 de Mohun, Reginald  1303Somerset, England I122263
11 Fitz Roger, Thomas  1408Somerset, England I120892
12 Hackett, Joan  1478Somerset, England I120539
13 Hill, Lady Jane Petty  1509Somerset, England I116897
14 Hill, Sir John Thomas  1531Somerset, England I134389
15 Hungerford, Margaret  1335Somerset, England I144713
16 Hungerford, Sarah  1520Somerset, England I138722
17 Lowell, Edward  1610Somerset, England I110312
18 Lowell, Richard  15 Dec 1577Somerset, England I128327
19 Malet, Hawise  1429Somerset, England I140881
20 Mallet, William  1414Somerset, England I140878
21 Martin, Johannes  1539Somerset, England I140813
22 Maynard, Margaret  1494Somerset, England I119398
23 Palmer, Grace  4 May 1608Somerset, England I127645
24 Pye, Habiatha  1578Somerset, England I122489
25 Rich, Alice  1542Somerset, England I108514
26 Rich, Alice  1542Somerset, England I119316
27 Richards, Thomas  1602Somerset, England I131610
28 Selwoode, Nicholas  1387Somerset, England I136453
29 Southhill, Alice  1475Somerset, England I117163
30 Stapleton, Richard  1179Somerset, England I28548
31 Symonds, John  1493Somerset, England I119427
32 Valentine, Richard  1588Somerset, England I91749
33 Valletort, Julian  1362Somerset, England I135414
34 Waldron, Elizabeth  1573Somerset, England I128322
35 Warren, Honora  Abt 1515Somerset, England I117861
36 Wheaton, Elizabeth Katherine  1590Somerset, England I143383
37 White, Agnes  Abt 1495Somerset, England I140297
38 White, Margaret  1513Somerset, England I104179
39 White, Thomas  1441Somerset, England I141258
40 White, Thomas  1502Somerset, England I140298
41 Woodcote, Frances  1471Somerset, England I106403
42 Woodcote, Frances  1471Somerset, England I106417
43 Yorke, William  1527Somerset, England I130623
44 Yumbert Mr  Abt 1512Somerset, England I117860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Aller, Agnes  1495Somerset, England I104178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 2nd Baron de Botreaux, William Botreaux  25 May 1395Somerset, England I144786
2 Adams, John  Somerset, England I34334
3 Albini or Daubeney, Alianora de  1361Somerset, England I132547
4 Allen, Elizabeth  Somerset, England I107290
5 Banastre, Joan  Bef 14 Oct 1405Somerset, England I32926
6 Bawdrip, Lady Amy  1589Somerset, England I128130
7 Bennett, William  Somerset, England I106418
8 Blake, Alice  17 Aug 1585Somerset, England I137235
9 Borrington, Elizabeth Alice  1585Somerset, England I34314
10 Botreaux, Reginald  Abt 1419Somerset, England I128415
11 Botreaux, William de  20 May 1395Somerset, England I141316
12 Boyle, Henrietta  12 Apr 1687Somerset, England I111945
13 Bridport, Joan  Mar 1385Somerset, England I105404
14 Budd, Richard  3 Dec 1559Somerset, England I91678
15 De Burci, Geva  Somerset, England I128915
16 De Falmse, William 2nd  Somerset, England I128914
17 de lovel, henry  1190somerset, england I126074
18 De Percival, John  1281Somerset, England I140570
19 De Stourton, Sir Knight William  4 Mar 1342Somerset, England I32937
20 de Stourton, William Sir Knight  18 Sep 1413Somerset, England I33001
21 DeBotreaux, Anne Alice  1431Somerset, England I144783
22 Fitz-John, Elizabeth  1397Somerset, England I141299
23 Fitzjohn, Elizabeth  1397Somerset, England I144712
24 Gerrish, John  Somerset, England I128321
25 Hackett, Joan  Somerset, England I120539
26 Hungerford, Sarah  1577Somerset, England I138722
27 Johnson, Sarah  1621Somerset, England I91673
28 Kellaway, Mary  5 Apr 1589Somerset, England I128213
29 Kirkham, Robert  Somerset, England I125943
30 Leversedge, Elizabeth  1531Somerset, England I137327
31 Lovel, William  1175Somerset, England I126072
32 Lowell, Edward  22 Oct 1614Somerset, England I110312
33 Lowell, Richard  7 Jul 1577Somerset, England I2735
34 MacCrinan, Etmond I Co-King of Scotland  Aft 1098Somerset, England I121855
35 Mallet, Eleanor  1510Somerset, England I140880
36 Mallet, William  1437Somerset, England I140878
37 Marshall, John  7 May 1530Somerset, England I139520
38 Martin, Isabell  1572Somerset, England I140847
39 Maynard, Margaret  1552Somerset, England I119398
40 Pole, Alice  9 Jul 1623Somerset, England I140987
41 Price, Sevien John  Somerset, England I128109
42 Pye, Habiatha  14 May 1681Somerset, England I122489
43 Rich, Alice  22 Aug 1596Somerset, England I108514
44 Rich, Alice  22 Aug 1596Somerset, England I119316
45 Stapleton, Richard  1230Somerset, England I28548
46 Symonds, John  1520Somerset, England I119427
47 Symonds, William  21 Apr 1566Somerset, England I119397
48 Troutbeck, Lady Jane Joan  1485Somerset, England I147285
49 Wadham, Florence  26 Feb 1596Somerset, England I104193
50 Wadham, Nicholas  1609Somerset, England I104194

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Stourton, John de  25 Nov 1462Somerset, England I122096


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 d'Aubeney / Stourton  1448Somerset, England F21033
2 de Stourton / Beaumont  1370Somerset, England F5853
3 White / Inglefield  1489Somerset, England F58221
4 White / Wells  1491Somerset, England F55173

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