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Shropshire, England



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banaster, Maud  1140Shropshire, England I121889
2 Bedow, Mrs. Arwestly Ap  1464Shropshire, England I127211
3 Bedpw, Arwestly Ap  1460Shropshire, England I127210
4 Botreaux, Anne  1473Shropshire, England I133328
5 Bowdler, Alice  Abt 1382Shropshire, England I136395
6 Braci, Macelin  Abt 1143Shropshire, England I130897
7 Calverhall, William De  1135Shropshire, England I126982
8 Coningsby, Humphrey  1439Shropshire, England I78259
9 Cornwall, Eleanor Plantagenet  1428Shropshire, England I145647
10 Cressett, Jane  1503Shropshire, England I127011
11 Dalby, Amacia  1172Shropshire, England I153444
12 de Braci, Adulph Ii  7 Mar 1137Shropshire, England I145436
13 de Kilpek, Isabel  1213Shropshire, England I150283
14 del la Lee, John  Abt 1347Shropshire, England I138911
15 Dutton, Margaret  1530Shropshire, England I141879
16 FitzAlan, William I  From 1105 to 1126Shropshire, England I124784
17 FitzAlan,, John 3rd Lord of Oswestry  Abt 1191Shropshire, England I144583
18 FitzWarin, Fulk Xi  20 Jan 1406Shropshire, England I128409
19 Gattaker, Thomas  1512Shropshire, England I127243
20 Gifford, William  1315Shropshire, England I151615
21 Griffith, Agnes  1505Shropshire, England I147197
22 Hill, John  1486Shropshire, England I128880
23 Hopton, Edward William  1497Shropshire, England I135545
24 Horne, Alice  1470Shropshire, England I145056
25 Hotchkiss, William  Abt 1370Shropshire, England I138147
26 Lee, William I.  Bef 25 Feb 1588Shropshire, England I117125
27 Littleton, Anthony  1511Shropshire, England I133331
28 Littleton, Frances  1517Shropshire, England I133334
29 Littleton, Rev John  1526Shropshire, England I121400
30 Littleton, Katherine  1515Shropshire, England I133333
31 Littleton, Margaret  1513Shropshire, England I133332
32 Littleton, Nathaniel  1605Shropshire, England I118354
33 Lovestick, Stephen  Abt 1338Shropshire, England I126960
34 Lyttleton, Karina Maria  1559Shropshire, England I121406
35 Middleton, Alexander de  1302Shropshire, England I132679
36 Moulton, Cecily  Abt 1459Shropshire, England I40032
37 Packington, Lady Jacosa  1372Shropshire, England I138907
38 Peverel, Mellet  Abt 1106Shropshire, England I18201
39 Roulowe, Amy Ann Colynson  Abt 1404Shropshire, England I126936
40 Strange, Anne le  Abt 1476Shropshire, England I101699
41 Thornes, Richard  1512Shropshire, England I133058
42 Tyler, Job  Abt 1615Shropshire, England I115889
43 Vernon, Thomas  1490Shropshire, England I114312
44 Worthington, Filia  Shropshire, England I148161
45 Yonge, Joan  Abt 1407Shropshire, England I138152
46 Yonge, Nicholas  1235Shropshire, England I118220
47 Yonge, Richard  Abt 1375Shropshire, England I138166
48 Young, William  1434Shropshire, England I118216


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cox,, Richard Bishop of Ely  Shropshire, England I145171
2 Montgomery, Roger 2 de 1st E Shrewsbury  Shropshire, England I19834


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, John Ii  1604/1606Shropshire, England I138760
2 Barker, Roger le  1368Shropshire, England I126949
3 Bedow, Mrs. Arwestly Ap  Shropshire, England I127211
4 Bostock, Alice  1459Shropshire, England I147249
5 Boteler, Ralph le  6 Jun 1307Shropshire, England I132764
6 Coningsby, Humphrey  Shropshire, England I78259
7 Corbet, Jane  20 Aug 1520Shropshire, England I127019
8 Corbet, Jane  30 Aug 1520Shropshire, England I127047
9 Corbet, Johanna  1359Shropshire, England I5014
10 Corbet, Robert  8 Jun 1467Shropshire, England I127037
11 Cornwall, Richard De  10 Dec 1443Shropshire, England I145645
12 Dalby, Amacia  1193Shropshire, England I153444
13 de Braci, Adulph Ii  1203Shropshire, England I145436
14 de Hesdin, Avelina 'Ada'  Aft 1126Shropshire, England I124783
15 DeLee, John  1485Shropshire, England I138904
16 FitzToret, Peter  1194Shropshire, England I58495
17 FitzWarin, Fulk Xi  21 Sep 1420Shropshire, England I128409
18 Fychan, Margret  1570Shropshire, England I133059
19 Griffin, Harry  Shropshire, England I112270
20 Griffith, Agnes  1578Shropshire, England I147197
21 Gruffudd, Gwyn Ferch  Shropshire, England I127237
22 Hill, John  Shropshire, England I128880
23 Hopton, Edward William  Shropshire, England I135545
24 Horne, Alice  1520Shropshire, England I145056
25 Lee, John De La  1350Shropshire, England I138926
26 Lee, Sir Thomas of Nordley Esq.  16 Mar 1526Shropshire, England I138902
27 Lee, Sir Thomas de la Ii  Shropshire, England I138922
28 Lee, Sir Thomas de la Ii  1327Shropshire, England I151565
29 Metz, Warren of  1156Shropshire, England I18200
30 Middleton, Alexander de  Shropshire, England I132679
31 Packington, Lady Jacosa  1450Shropshire, England I138907
32 Plantagenet, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1425Shropshire, England I139940
33 Symonds, Thomas Philip  1505Shropshire, England I135516
34 Thomas, John Heynes alias John ap  1480Shropshire, England I127236
35 Vernon, Arthur  15 Aug 1517Shropshire, England I114307
36 Vernon, Beatrix  1535Shropshire, England I114313
37 Vernon, George  1530Shropshire, England I114308
38 Vernon, Thomas  1547Shropshire, England I114312
39 Wakeman, Mary  1594Shropshire, England I137247
40 Worthington, Filia  1532Shropshire, England I148161
41 Yonge, Nicholas  1300Shropshire, England I118220
42 Young, Bridget  11 Mar 1629Shropshire, England I97577
43 Young, William  1492Shropshire, England I118216


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cornwall, Geoffrey de  18 May 1400Shropshire, England I146146
2 Hopton, Thomas  Shropshire, England I127068
3 Whelere, John Thomas  Shropshire, England I127259


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bannister (Banastre) / Mohaut  Abt 1130Shropshire, England F61291
2 Barker / Lovestick  1391Shropshire, England F60200
3 Bedpw / Bedow  1485Shropshire, England F60257
4 Boteler / Pantulf  1238Shropshire, England F61341
5 Corbet / Hopton  1447Shropshire, England F3519
6 Dalton / Jacks  1495Shropshire, England F61620
7 Mortimer / Cornwall  20 Jul 1454Shropshire, England F63806
8 Whorwood / Haresfield  1350Shropshire, England F60205

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