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Northumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aeldred 4th Earl of Northumberland  Abt 994Northumberland, England I6300
2 Lady Gunnilda of Northumberland  1070Northumberland, England I129827
3 Suthen  Est 1009Northumberland, England I121862
4 Bertram, Baroness Milford, Mrs. Roger  1197Northumberland, England I129729
5 Cave, John  1518Northumberland, England I146892
6 Dacre, Thomas  Abt 1418Northumberland, England I116670
7 de Bernicia, Ealdgyth  1009Northumberland, England I107778
8 de Eure, Robert  Abt 1389Northumberland, England I120960
9 De Heaton, Mrs. Edgar  1354Northumberland, England I132838
10 de Heton, Margaret  Abt 1345Northumberland, England I132843
11 De Huntingdon, Margaret  1144Northumberland, England I153012
12 de Lisle, Thomas esq  11 Jun 1413Northumberland, England I148064
13 de Percy, William  Abt 1185Northumberland, England I152940
14 Dunbar, Alice de  Abt 1124Northumberland, England I124779
15 Featherstonhaugh, Elizabeth  1428Northumberland, England I110724
16 Fenwick, Lucy  1510Northumberland, England I126329
17 Fenwick, Wilgeford  1507Northumberland, England I121703
18 Gray, Sir Thomas Iii  1328Northumberland, England I110330
19 Grey, Dau of Richard  Northumberland, England I76026
20 Grey, Elizabeth  Abt 1405Northumberland, England I132921
21 Grey, Elizabeth  Abt 1405Northumberland, England I134297
22 Gubium, Alice  Abt 1257Northumberland, England I137150
23 Lampley, Marie  Abt 1390Northumberland, England I139622
24 Manners, Cecily  1495Northumberland, England I119457
25 Manners, Sir Robert M.P. Northumberland  1408Northumberland, England I19750
26 Mitford, Sir John of Mitford  8 Apr 1402Northumberland, England I148086
27 Morcarson, Earngrim High Reeve Of  1020Northumberland, England I129876
28 Ogle, Joan  Abt 1472Northumberland, England I121718
29 Ogle, Robert  Abt 1513Northumberland, England I121688
30 Ogle, William Knight  1492Northumberland, England I121684
31 Radcliffe, Sir Cuthbert  1480Northumberland, England I132657
32 Stanlowe, Jacquetta  1436Northumberland, England I121003
33 Stephenson, Richard  1515Northumberland, England I127806
34 Stephenson, Mrs. Richard  Abt 1520Northumberland, England I127807
35 Widdrington, Sir Roger  1316Northumberland, England I124399


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Radcliffe, Thomas  7 Dec 1422Northumberland, England I113979


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beyle, Agnes de  13 Sep 1322Northumberland, England I19773
2 Bigod, John  9 Sep 1513Northumberland, England I105985
3 Cave, John  1575Northumberland, England I146892
4 Crichton, Robert  9 Sep 1513Northumberland, England I123570
5 d'Umfreville, Sir Odinel Ii Baron of Prudhoe  1182Northumberland, England I137159
6 De Audley, Margaret Baroness Audley  11 Jan 1374Northumberland, England I120409
7 de Cheswyk, Alexander  1370Northumberland, England I121342
8 de Cornwall, Richard  30 Mar 1296Northumberland, England I146174
9 de Eure, Robert  Abt 1440Northumberland, England I120960
10 de Lisle, Thomas esq  1472Northumberland, England I148064
11 de Mowbray, Joan  9 Dec 1402Northumberland, England I110319
12 de Mowbray, Joan (Genet)  30 Nov 1402Northumberland, England I132926
13 de Percy, Henry  Bef 29 Sep 1198Northumberland, England I152996
14 de Ros, Dionysia  11 Dec 1133Northumberland, England I149955
15 de Umfreville, Mrs. Odinel  Aft 1162Northumberland, England I148879
16 de Umfreville, Robert Ii  Aft 1138Northumberland, England I148898
17 De Vesci, John  1288Northumberland, England I119600
18 Fenwick Lady  Abt 1495Northumberland, England I126325
19 Fenwick, Guishard  27 Jun 1610Northumberland, England I121700
20 FitzHugh, Elizabeth or Isabel  Abt 1483Northumberland, England I120969
21 Forster, Nicholas  1517Northumberland, England I110734
22 Harbottle, Agnes  1492Northumberland, England I148056
23 Huntsman, Thomas  1778Northumberland, England I130809
24 Mitford, Sir John of Mitford  6 May 1457Northumberland, England I148086
25 Plantagenet, Mary  1362Northumberland, England I141189
26 Plantagenet, Mary  1362Northumberland, England I145025
27 Radcliffe, Sir Cuthbert  20 Jul 1545Northumberland, England I132657
28 Radcliffe, Eduard  16 Feb 1530Northumberland, England I113984
29 Ros, de, Robert Baron of Wark  Aft 1269Northumberland, England I149939
30 Ros, de, Robert Baron of Wark  Aft 1269Northumberland, England I152916
31 Sigurdsson, Ragnar "Lothbrok" King of Denmark and Sweden  845Northumberland, England I129992
32 Turnbull, William de Rule Baron of Minto  19 Jul 1333Northumberland, England I123704
33 Whyte De Alnewgk, Robertus  1303Northumberland, England I134433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bigod, John  Sep 1513Northumberland, England I105985
2 Graham, William 3rd Lord Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose  Sep 1513Northumberland, England I130418
3 Wharton, Florence or Frances  Abt 1590Northumberland, England I113938


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Cheswyk / Juliana  1344Northumberland, England F58904
2 de Eure / Mallory  Abt 1412Northumberland, England F58813
3 De Grey / de Percy  1353Northumberland, England F61357
4 Fenwick / Leigh  Abt 1426Northumberland, England F55501
5 Grey / Ogle  1522Northumberland, England F58948
6 Harper / Heatherington  Abt 1811Northumberland, England F15829
7 Huddlestone / Fenwick  1458Northumberland, England F55499
8 Manners / Strother  1354Northumberland, England F58560
9 Scrope / De Percy  1483Northumberland, England F57805
10 Scrope / De Percy  1483Northumberland, England F45099
11 Stephenson / Stephenson  Abt 1535Northumberland, England F55309

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