Some Fabulous Pedigrees

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London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Van Der) Poest, Peter  1472London, Middlesex, England I114174
2 Allington, Ann  25 Feb 1559London, Middlesex, England I116627
3 Auker, Lady Catherine  1374London, Middlesex, England I110388
4 Austin, Francis  1611London, Middlesex, England I97428
5 baker, miss Alice  1567London, Middlesex, England I104883
6 Barber, Thomas  Abt 1552London, Middlesex, England I46255
7 Beaufort, Lady Anne  1431London, Middlesex, England I116763
8 Beaufort, Eleanor  Abt 1438London, Middlesex, England I28274
9 Beaufort, Lady Joane  1433London, Middlesex, England I116765
10 Beaufort, Thomas  Abt 1442London, Middlesex, England I116769
11 Bedell, Elizabeth  Abt 1525London, Middlesex, England I42844
12 Bogert, Marragrietje  1503London, Middlesex, England I114170
13 Bolling, Anne  Abt 1622London, Middlesex, England I102622
14 Brooke, Margaret  1509London, Middlesex, England I117144
15 Browne, Thomas  1524London, Middlesex, England I115877
16 Budd, Nicholas  Abt 1500London, Middlesex, England I91712
17 Cardoza, Sam  1797London, Middlesex, England I1551
18 Carter, Elizabeth  1616London, Middlesex, England I116431
19 Cavendish, Henry  6 Jan 1551London, Middlesex, England I72337
20 Chappell, William  Abt 1520London, Middlesex, England I42843
21 Collier, Mary  1604London, Middlesex, England I7470
22 Cutherey, Catherine  Abt 1407London, Middlesex, England I110350
23 Cuthery, Mrs Edward  1396London, Middlesex, England I110392
24 De Rich, "The Younger", Sir Richard Ii  1403London, Middlesex, England I110389
25 Evans, Margaret  1534London, Middlesex, England I104904
26 Hancock, Joan  1425London, Middlesex, England I110865
27 Hancock, Thomas  1 May 1550London, Middlesex, England I110642
28 Hill de la Montaigne, Joan  1438London, Middlesex, England I116732
29 Howard, (William)  13 Feb 1867London, Middlesex, England I45673
30 Kent, Sir John  1575London, Middlesex, England I106932
31 Kirton, Ann Margaret  1545London, Middlesex, England I116264
32 Kirton, Lady Grisell  1536London, Middlesex, England I116262
33 Kirton, Jane  1530London, Middlesex, England I116260
34 Kirton, John  1534London, Middlesex, England I116261
35 Kirton, Margaret  1540London, Middlesex, England I116263
36 Leake, Henrie john  1566London, Middlesex, England I104885
37 Marshall, Martha  1585London, Middlesex, England I5160
38 Mayne, Elizabeth  1440London, Middlesex, England I116310
39 Mullins, John  1538London, Middlesex, England I82502
40 Myrfin, Edward  From 1527 to 1528London, Middlesex, England I108549
41 Nicholas, Robert  1480London, Middlesex, England I110690
42 North, Lord Roger  27 Feb 1531London, Middlesex, England I108551
43 Offley, Robert Sr  1520London, Middlesex, England I116307
44 Pardee, Elizabeth Isabel  1485London, Middlesex, England I110691
45 Pepper, Ann  1 Jul 1621London, Middlesex, England I104867
46 Pepper, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1619London, Middlesex, England I104866
47 Pepper, John  2 Mar 1616London, Middlesex, England I104863
48 Pepper, Mary  Abt 1630London, Middlesex, England I104869
49 Rabon, Margaret  1525London, Middlesex, England I113552
50 Reynolds, William  Abt 1560London, Middlesex, England I96030

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Clement, Joan  3 May 1546London, Middlesex, England I103125
2 Clement, John  11 Jul 1548London, Middlesex, England I103134
3 Clement, William  13 Jun 1549London, Middlesex, England I103135
4 Clements, Richard  17 Feb 1547London, Middlesex, England I103133
5 Clements, Robert  26 Nov 1544London, Middlesex, England I103131
6 Rich, Sir Richard I  1388London, Middlesex, England I110387
7 Tilghman, Oswald  31 Oct 1579London, Middlesex, England I99984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Katherine  18 Jul 1558London, Middlesex, England I102891
2 Allington, Ann  Nov 1594London, Middlesex, England I116627
3 Allyn, Edwin  26 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England I112205
4 Backhouse, Sarah  1572London, Middlesex, England I103102
5 Barker, Dorothy  Jul 1561London, Middlesex, England I46228
6 Beaufort, Lady Joane  11 Aug 1518London, Middlesex, England I116765
7 Bedell, Elizabeth  London, Middlesex, England I42844
8 Brooke, Margaret  1589London, Middlesex, England I117144
9 Chappell, William  London, Middlesex, England I42843
10 Cotton, George  14 Oct 1559London, Middlesex, England I113558
11 Cotton, George  14 Oct 1559London, Middlesex, England I113568
12 Cotton, Mary  21 Jul 1625London, Middlesex, England I113542
13 Cutherey, Catherine  17 Jul 1448London, Middlesex, England I110350
14 Cuthery, Mrs Edward  London, Middlesex, England I110392
15 de Brereton, William  1342London, Middlesex, England I116829
16 de Ipstones, Sir William  17 Oct 1399London, Middlesex, England I106056
17 De Quency, Robert  Aug 1257London, Middlesex, England I111907
18 De Quincy, Hawise  11 Feb 1232London, Middlesex, England I111868
19 de Quincy, John  Aug 1257London, Middlesex, England I111899
20 De Tiptoft, Joan Lady Borough Green, Cambridgeshire  18 Oct 1470London, Middlesex, England I117270
21 England, Ethelred 'the Unready' King of  23 Apr 1016London, Middlesex, England I61081
22 England, Henry 6 of King  1461London, Middlesex, England I37738
23 Evans, Margaret  1566London, Middlesex, England I104904
24 FitzOsborne, Roger de Pitres, Sheriff of Gloucester  1086London, Middlesex, England I108834
25 Hancock, Joan  London, Middlesex, England I110865
26 Howard, Lillie  1880London, Middlesex, England I45674
27 Howse, Hannah  16/16 Feb 1633/1634London, Middlesex, England I42704
28 Jenawaye, John  Apr 1550London, Middlesex, England I102881
29 Jenkes, William  1571London, Middlesex, England I116273
30 Kinge, Sir William  1 Sep 1570London, Middlesex, England I112111
31 Kirton, Ann Margaret  1581London, Middlesex, England I116264
32 Kirton, Stephen  15 Aug 1566London, Middlesex, England I116257
33 Leake, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1642London, Middlesex, England I104862
34 Leake, Henrie john  1598London, Middlesex, England I104885
35 mac William, Isabella  Nov 1263London, Middlesex, England I108737
36 Marshall, Margaret Ann  1600London, Middlesex, England I113556
37 Mayne, Elizabeth  1525London, Middlesex, England I116310
38 Middleton, John  1509London, Middlesex, England I116721
39 Mowbray, Aleanor  24 Apr 1404London, Middlesex, England I117372
40 Mowbray, Eleanor de  24 Apr 1404London, Middlesex, England I117374
41 Mylles, Francis  Jul 1625London, Middlesex, England I114738
42 Norcross, Jerimiah (Jeremy)  6 Oct 1657London, Middlesex, England I42738
43 Offley, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1576London, Middlesex, England I116306
44 Offley, Robert Sr  11 May 1596London, Middlesex, England I116307
45 Parr, Maud  1562London, Middlesex, England I105005
46 Peacock, Margery  1585London, Middlesex, England I104730
47 Pepper, Ann  17 Nov 1630London, Middlesex, England I104867
48 Pepper, Mary  3 Sep 1638London, Middlesex, England I104869
49 Peyton, Henry  1656London, Middlesex, England I53421
50 Quincy, Robert de Lord of Ware  Aug 1257London, Middlesex, England I16140

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allyn, Edward  26 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England I46196
2 Allyn, Edwin  26 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England I112205
3 Benion, Elizabeth Bridget  London, Middlesex, England I116422
4 Brooke, Margaret  10 Oct 1634London, Middlesex, England I4398
5 Cuthery, Mrs Edward  London, Middlesex, England I110392
6 Hall, John  London, Middlesex, England I117100
7 Howse, Hannah  Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I42704
8 Jenawaye, John  16 Apr 1550London, Middlesex, England I102881
9 Kirton, Stephen  Aug 1566London, Middlesex, England I116257
10 Offley, Margaret  5 Jun 1574London, Middlesex, England I116258
11 Rich, Lord Richard John  Sep 1503London, Middlesex, England I116265
12 Thompson, John  1627London, Middlesex, England I78621
13 Vander Poest, Peter Arnold  1552London, Middlesex, England I114169


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 (Van Der) Poest / Suydan  1500London, Middlesex, England F55792
2 Budd / Wyght or Wright  27 May 1526London, Middlesex, England F48916
3 Bydes / Kirby  17 Oct 1633London, Middlesex, England F25968
4 Cutherey / Cuthery  1417London, Middlesex, England F55033
5 Gardner / Slaughter  29 Mar 1630London, Middlesex, England F1931
6 Hancock / Hancock  1445London, Middlesex, England F55140
7 Marshall / Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F1747
8 Marshall / DeClare  8 Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F56542
9 Perrot / Picton  1409London, Middlesex, England F54796
10 Rich / Auker  1399London, Middlesex, England F55032
11 Rich / Dingley  1496London, Middlesex, England F56181
12 Rich / Mayne  1464London, Middlesex, England F56187
13 Spencer / Catlin  1 Oct 1566London, Middlesex, England F51673
14 Tilghman / Foxley  Abt 5 Nov 1648London, Middlesex, England F52525
15 Tilghman / Packham  15 Nov 1625London, Middlesex, England F52523
16 van der Post / Bogart  3 Oct 1539London, Middlesex, England F27845
17 van der Post / van der Post  1443London, Middlesex, England F55794

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