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England, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aimeria  Abt 1073England, United Kingdom I138939
2 Amelia  1256England, United Kingdom I148430
3 Edgitha  960England, United Kingdom I129879
4 Hugh son of Warine  Abt 1086England, United Kingdom I138937
5 Maybilla  1298England, United Kingdom I153335
6 Abbey Sr., Mrs John  1505England, United Kingdom I123745
7 Amos, Mrs. Cyrus  Abt 1581England, United Kingdom I143633
8 Bache, Mary  1492England, United Kingdom I148568
9 Beaupel, Mrs. Robert  Abt 1280England, United Kingdom I149034
10 Bennett, Edward  1578England, United Kingdom I148557
11 Boteler, Isabella le  1245England, United Kingdom I127547
12 Bottreux, Anne  Abt 1379England, United Kingdom I50069
13 Burnell, Katherine  1401England, United Kingdom I144679
14 Cakebread, Thomas  Abt 1595England, United Kingdom I4858
15 Carter, Thomas  1690England, United Kingdom I2159
16 Clairbourne, Katherine  30 Mar 1603England, United Kingdom I126109
17 Conyers, Robert (1)  Est 1185England, United Kingdom I30211
18 Cox, Ann, Wife Of John  1301England, United Kingdom I145239
19 Cox, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I145241
20 Cox, John  1300England, United Kingdom I145238
21 Cox, Thomas  1318England, United Kingdom I145240
22 Cox, Thomas G.  1270England, United Kingdom I145266
23 De Chaworth, Maud  2 Feb 1282England, United Kingdom I145275
24 De Egerton, Elen  1417England, United Kingdom I150444
25 De La Pole, John  1395England, United Kingdom I144727
26 de Mowbray, Elizabeth Catherine  1399England, United Kingdom I150615
27 de Spalding, George  1256England, United Kingdom I148429
28 de Spalding, Richard  1300England, United Kingdom I148427
29 de Spalding, William  2 Jun 1280England, United Kingdom I148428
30 de Spalding, William  1327England, United Kingdom I148426
31 Denewsham, Sir Thomas  1170England, United Kingdom I151153
32 Despenser, Margaret Le  Abt 1292England, United Kingdom I67567
33 Doterinde Lady  Abt 1280England, United Kingdom I151085
34 Douglas, Catherine  1346England, United Kingdom I107635
35 Dutton, Cicely  1550England, United Kingdom I141886
36 Eccles, Alice  1220England, United Kingdom I103834
37 Elham, Elizabeth  Abt 1435England, United Kingdom I153406
38 Gall Gaedal, Aife 'Aoife' Cymru 'Princess of Cymru' 'Queen of Scotland' Alba  240England, United Kingdom I152818
39 Grey, Hawise de  1150England, United Kingdom I128002
40 Grieg, Mrs  Abt 1269England, United Kingdom I121654
41 Griswold, Isabel  1543England, United Kingdom I129283
42 Griswold, Margaret  1546England, United Kingdom I129284
43 Hall, Mary  1542England, United Kingdom I141747
44 Hampton, Stephen de  1230England, United Kingdom I153342
45 Hanworth, Thomas  1590England, United Kingdom I103325
46 Haseldon Mrs  Abt 1355England, United Kingdom I150885
47 Hill, Robert  1539England, United Kingdom I134391
48 Ingham, John  1470England, United Kingdom I146326
49 Jevan, Howell  Abt 1520England, United Kingdom I146597
50 Johnson, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1619England, United Kingdom I115179

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Alice  1607England, United Kingdom I95771
2 Cowper, Lord John Deol Michael Ii  England, United Kingdom I132058
3 Cox, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I145241
4 Eccles, Alice  England, United Kingdom I103834
5 Meade, Joan  1418England, United Kingdom I150619
6 Reade, Andrew  Abt 1544England, United Kingdom I3517
7 Talbott, William , Marshal Of Ireland  England, United Kingdom I147134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice De Saluzzo, Countess Of Lincoln  Aft 10 Sep 1304England, United Kingdom I144570
2 Donada  25 Nov 1034England, United Kingdom I107794
3 Maybilla  1365England, United Kingdom I153335
4 William  Jan 1426England, United Kingdom I146170
5 William Queeney Kenney /  1650England, United Kingdom I131881
6 Ancell, Samuel Ellis  17 Jan 1896England, United Kingdom I102754
7 Banester, Ellen Banastre or  Abt 1483England, United Kingdom I145913
8 Beaufoy, Mrs. William  England, United Kingdom I145102
9 Bennett, Edward  1663England, United Kingdom I148557
10 Bennett, John  1559England, United Kingdom I106402
11 Bertram, Sir Robert III of Bothal  10 Feb 1303England, United Kingdom I144416
12 Braose, Agnes De  1170England, United Kingdom I94871
13 Burley, Elizabeth  1586England, United Kingdom I137444
14 Burton, John  1 Nov 1543England, United Kingdom I112256
15 Cantilupe, Nichole  England, United Kingdom I145379
16 Champernonne, Elizabeth  1518England, United Kingdom I135350
17 Channon, Hugh  England, United Kingdom I146353
18 Cheverel, John Esq  1487England, United Kingdom I146449
19 Cheverel, John Esq  1487England, United Kingdom I148265
20 Compton, Mary  1510England, United Kingdom I119420
21 Cox, Ann, Wife Of John  1380England, United Kingdom I145239
22 Cox, Henry  1400England, United Kingdom I145241
23 Cox, John  1379England, United Kingdom I145238
24 Cox, Thomas  1380England, United Kingdom I145240
25 Cox, Thomas G.  1342England, United Kingdom I145266
26 D'Arcy, John of Tolleshunt  1495England, United Kingdom I126217
27 De Beauchamp, Elizabeth  29 Jun 1368England, United Kingdom I153210
28 de Bidum, Egaline  England, United Kingdom I150325
29 de Boys, William  England, United Kingdom I132468
30 de Clinton, Joan  1329England, United Kingdom I118079
31 De Egerton, Elen  20 Apr 1504England, United Kingdom I150444
32 de Gaynesford, John  1315England, United Kingdom I153334
33 De Haudlo, Margaret  31 Jul 1395England, United Kingdom I67747
34 de Lyons, Cecily  1379England, United Kingdom I153332
35 de Pulford, Sir Robert Lord  1335England, United Kingdom I128391
36 de Spalding, William  1355England, United Kingdom I148428
37 de Spalding, William  1376England, United Kingdom I148426
38 de Standish, Clementina  1439England, United Kingdom I151132
39 Denewsham, Sir Thomas  1282England, United Kingdom I151153
40 Derby, Richard  30 Oct 1599England, United Kingdom I109359
41 Durrant, Mary  21 Jan 1741England, United Kingdom I107056
42 Earl Of Warren & Surrey, William De Warenne II [Earl Of Surrey]  11 May 1138England, United Kingdom I105681
43 Eccles, Alice  England, United Kingdom I103834
44 Egerton, Anne  1487England, United Kingdom I150404
45 Ferrers, Margaret  1580England, United Kingdom I133360
46 Fitton, Johanna  1480England, United Kingdom I111362
47 FitzJohn, Joan  4 Apr 1303England, United Kingdom I149717
48 Fleitel, Agnes Ermentrude  1070England, United Kingdom I11149
49 Greenhurst, Jane Ann  England, United Kingdom I108847
50 Haute, Edward  1541England, United Kingdom I133989

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Booth, William  England, United Kingdom I136711
2 Bowes, William  11 Oct 1465England, United Kingdom I148066
3 Cannon or Cantor  England, United Kingdom I135695
4 Colles, Edmond  Dec 1606England, United Kingdom I123494
5 Despencer, Edward  England, United Kingdom I107317
6 Meade, Joan  England, United Kingdom I150619
7 Talbott, William , Marshal Of Ireland  England, United Kingdom I147134
8 Wogan, Sir Henry  England, United Kingdom I152559


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassingham /   England, United Kingdom F55640
2 Carew / de la Mare  May 1374England, United Kingdom F64274
3 Cox / Gatzka  1302England, United Kingdom F63709
4 Greig / Grieg  Abt 1317England, United Kingdom F58979
5 Hanworth / Reade  4 Nov 1613England, United Kingdom F55224
6 Hue / Pont  Abt 1498England, United Kingdom F55989
7 Key / Key  Abt 1350England, United Kingdom F55563
8 Key / Key  Abt 1395England, United Kingdom F55554
9 Key / Key  Abt 1425England, United Kingdom F55549
10 Le Bird / Bickerton  1319England, United Kingdom F61747
11 Le Bird / Edge  1350England, United Kingdom F61746
12 Lee / Stanton  Abt 1300England, United Kingdom F62424
13 Lee / Stanton  Abt 1300England, United Kingdom F62425
14 Saltmarshe / Hutchins  England, United Kingdom F65298
15 Saunders / Carew  Abt 1437England, United Kingdom F64269
16 Stephenson / Alcock  1635England, United Kingdom F1188
17 Thompson / Bunne  Bef 1555England, United Kingdom F60976

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