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Truro, Cornwall, England



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Jane  22 Jul 1673Truro, Cornwall, England I116066
2 Biggs, Jane  22 Jul 1673Truro, Cornwall, England I116138
3 Burges, Allicia  Truro, Cornwall, England I88201
4 Burges, Anne  Bef 1626Truro, Cornwall, England I88198
5 Burges, Honor  Bef 1626Truro, Cornwall, England I88199
6 Burges, Jane  Truro, Cornwall, England I88200
7 Clyes, Grace  Abt 1677Truro, Cornwall, England I1570
8 Donithorne, Joyce  1634Truro, Cornwall, England I116153
9 Donithorne, William  1625Truro, Cornwall, England I116151
10 Donnithorne, Ann  1663Truro, Cornwall, England I116141
11 Donnithorne, Catherine  1665Truro, Cornwall, England I116142
12 Donnithorne, Joan  1667Truro, Cornwall, England I116143
13 Donnithorne, Joseph  1681Truro, Cornwall, England I116148
14 Donnithorne, Richard  1672Truro, Cornwall, England I116145
15 Enys, Dorothy  Bef 1712Truro, Cornwall, England I98655
16 Harris, Anna  1645Truro, Cornwall, England I116157
17 Harris, English  1641Truro, Cornwall, England I116140
18 Harris, Marcus  Abt 1616Truro, Cornwall, England I116155
19 Hornblower, Rosamond  11 Oct 1781Truro, Cornwall, England I115905
20 Pye, Anne  1557Truro, Cornwall, England I54979
21 Pye, Henry  1577Truro, Cornwall, England I98730
22 Pye, Jane  1595Truro, Cornwall, England I98733
23 Pye, Joan  1575Truro, Cornwall, England I98721
24 Pye, John  1531Truro, Cornwall, England I80752
25 Pye, William  1580Truro, Cornwall, England I98731
26 Remfry, Katherine  1601Truro, Cornwall, England I116150
27 Tregian, Thomas  1442Truro, Cornwall, England I115810
28 Trethewey, Elizabeth  Abt 1593Truro, Cornwall, England I41418


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Jane  22 Jul 1673Truro, Cornwall, England I116066
2 Biggs, Jane  22 Jul 1673Truro, Cornwall, England I116138
3 Burges, Calip (Twin)  8 Sep 1611Truro, Cornwall, England I88188
4 Burges, Christiana  19 May 1608Truro, Cornwall, England I88191
5 Burges, Constance  13 Feb 1614Truro, Cornwall, England I88193
6 Burges, Elis  31 Jul 1610Truro, Cornwall, England I88187
7 Burges, Elisha  14 Mar 1619Truro, Cornwall, England I88196
8 Burges, Elizabeth  30 Dec 1617Truro, Cornwall, England I88195
9 Burges, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1620Truro, Cornwall, England I88197
10 Burges, Frances  8 Jul 1515Truro, Cornwall, England I88192
11 Burges, Frances  5 Mar 1605Truro, Cornwall, England I88116
12 Burges, Henry  12 Mar 1607Truro, Cornwall, England I80737
13 Burges, Humphrey  17 Sep 1612Truro, Cornwall, England I88190
14 Burges, Jacob  24 Nov 1616Truro, Cornwall, England I88194
15 Burges, Jane  12 Aug 1599Truro, Cornwall, England I80726
16 Burges, John  12 Jul 1598Truro, Cornwall, England I80734
17 Burges, John  3 Feb 1605Truro, Cornwall, England I80736
18 Burges, Joshua (Twin)  8 Sep 1611Truro, Cornwall, England I88189
19 Burges, Josias  11 Jul 1602Truro, Cornwall, England I88114
20 Burges, Philippa  22 Nov 1597Truro, Cornwall, England I51877
21 Burges, Robert  29 Aug 1602Truro, Cornwall, England I80735
22 Burges, Samuel  21 May 1609Truro, Cornwall, England I88186
23 Burges, Thomas Mayor of Truro  1603Truro, Cornwall, England I41411
24 Burges, William  20 May 1599Truro, Cornwall, England I88113
25 Burgess, Thomas  16 Aug 1601Truro, Cornwall, England I41410
26 Dinnithorne, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1701Truro, Cornwall, England I116067
27 Dinnithorne, Jane  16 Jun 1712Truro, Cornwall, England I116070
28 Dinnithorne, Richard  2 Mar 1674Truro, Cornwall, England I116146
29 Donithorne, Catherine  12 May 1715Truro, Cornwall, England I116071
30 Donithorne, Frances  9 May 1699Truro, Cornwall, England I1566
31 Donithorne, Joyce  15 Jun 1634Truro, Cornwall, England I116153
32 Donithorne, Maria  10 Jan 1628Truro, Cornwall, England I116152
33 Donithorne, William  30 Nov 1625Truro, Cornwall, England I116151
34 Donnithorne, John  16 Jul 1676Truro, Cornwall, England I116065
35 Donnithorne, John  16 Jul 1676Truro, Cornwall, England I116137
36 Donnithorne, Richard  15 Mar 1672Truro, Cornwall, England I116145
37 Harris, Anna  27 May 1645Truro, Cornwall, England I116157
38 Harris, English  3 Jan 1642Truro, Cornwall, England I116140
39 Hornblower, Edwin  3 Nov 1800Truro, Cornwall, England I30765
40 Hornblower, Horatio  30 Sep 1798Truro, Cornwall, England I30764
41 Hornblower, Josiah  13 May 1793Truro, Cornwall, England I30763
42 Remfra, Simon  7 Apr 1599Truro, Cornwall, England I116180
43 Remphra, Joys  16 Jul 1606Truro, Cornwall, England I116181


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Donithorne, Richard  1671Truro, Cornwall, England I116149
2 Donnithorne, Joan  1667Truro, Cornwall, England I116143
3 Donnithorne, John  1746Truro, Cornwall, England I116065
4 Donnithorne, John  1746Truro, Cornwall, England I116137
5 Donnithorne, Joseph  1763Truro, Cornwall, England I116148
6 Donnithorne, Nicholas  1712Truro, Cornwall, England I116139
7 Donnithorne, Richard  20 Mar 1673Truro, Cornwall, England I116145
8 Pye, Elizabeth  Truro, Cornwall, England I41412
9 Remfry, Katherine  1662Truro, Cornwall, England I116150


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bennetts, Elizabeth  Truro, Cornwall, England I116164
2 Burges, John  1604Truro, Cornwall, England I60334
3 Donnithorne, Joseph  Truro, Cornwall, England I116148
4 Donnithorne, Nicholas  25 Mar 1712Truro, Cornwall, England I116139
5 Enys, Dorothy  1712Truro, Cornwall, England I98655
6 Gaverigan, Philippa  1603Truro, Cornwall, England I95514
7 Geffrey, Johan  25 Dec 1608Truro, Cornwall, England I100210
8 Sidman, Honor  1 Jan 1633Truro, Cornwall, England I41414


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burges / Danyell  21 Dec 1614Truro, Cornwall, England F50640
2 Burges / Munday  12 Feb 1632Truro, Cornwall, England F54523
3 Burges / Pye  27 Nov 1598Truro, Cornwall, England F30367
4 Burges / Trenwith  26 Sep 1611Truro, Cornwall, England F50639
5 Catcher / Pye  Abt 1605Truro, Cornwall, England F50646
6 Davies / Penrose  25 Jun 1842Truro, Cornwall, England F41096
7 Donnithorne / Harris  1 Apr 1662Truro, Cornwall, England F63850
8 Harris / John  6 Jul 1641Truro, Cornwall, England F63852
9 Perry / Burgess  Abt 12 Feb 1652Truro, Cornwall, England F50604
10 Tremayne / Pye  2 Sep 1579Truro, Cornwall, England F37913

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