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England, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1380England, United Kingdom I105548
2 Anne  8 Jun 1584England, United Kingdom I107459
3 Geoffrey VI, Count of Nantes, Geoffrey of Anjou, Geoffrey FitzEmpress  1 Jun 1134England, United Kingdom I108241
4 Mary  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I102649
5 Mary  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I102690
6 N. N.  1290England, United Kingdom I104627
7 Ade, Martha  1400England, United Kingdom I105533
8 Beaumont, Leicester  1134England, United Kingdom I111530
9 Boteler, Isabella le  1245England, United Kingdom I103361
10 Braunche, Marion  1540England, United Kingdom I107484
11 Braxley, N. N.  1290England, United Kingdom I104626
12 Clements, Isabel  1535England, United Kingdom I103127
13 Corbet, Richard  England, United Kingdom I105947
14 Cox, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I107194
15 Cox, John  1300England, United Kingdom I107191
16 Cox, Michael  1105England, United Kingdom I107208
17 Cox, Thomas  1318England, United Kingdom I107193
18 Cox, Thomas G.  1270England, United Kingdom I107195
19 Cox, Thos G  1251England, United Kingdom I107197
20 Cutler, Mrs Robert  Abt 1457England, United Kingdom I107211
21 Ferrers, Margaret  1520England, United Kingdom I53495
22 Fitz Roy, Matilda Duchess of Brittany  1091England, United Kingdom I111565
23 Hamshar, Elizabeth  1380England, United Kingdom I105550
24 Hancock, Katherine  1620England, United Kingdom I110634
25 Hancock, Richard  1624England, United Kingdom I110635
26 Heath, Thomas  30 Sep 1604England, United Kingdom I104898
27 Hill, Isabel  1477England, United Kingdom I106448
28 Hyll, Joan  1515England, United Kingdom I106407
29 James, Anna  1545England, United Kingdom I103087
30 Johnson, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1619England, United Kingdom I104850
31 Johnson, Isaac  1615England, United Kingdom I104874
32 Kemp Mrs  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I104771
33 Lane, Thomas  1520England, United Kingdom I104944
34 Mainwaring, Cicely  1526England, United Kingdom I105980
35 Moullinge  Abt 1542England, United Kingdom I107036
36 Neale, Harriet  1255England, United Kingdom I107198
37 Ouldfeeld Mr.  1600England, United Kingdom I105857
38 Ouldfeeld Mrs.  1600England, United Kingdom I105858
39 Parr, Dorothy  1483England, United Kingdom I105066
40 Parr, John  1479England, United Kingdom I105064
41 Parr, Margaret  1481England, United Kingdom I105065
42 Parr, Oliver  1478England, United Kingdom I105063
43 Parsons, Walter Sager  15 Jun 1540England, United Kingdom I108427
44 Pierce, Emily  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I103074
45 Richmond, Ann  1301England, United Kingdom I107192
46 Searlys  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom I102726
47 Stanton, Mrs. Mary Ann  1597England, United Kingdom I105279
48 Stapleton, John de  1383England, United Kingdom I107249
49 Walker, F  1545England, United Kingdom I111371
50 Warcup, Christian  Abt 1451England, United Kingdom I108553

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cox, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I107194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anne  12 Oct 1630England, United Kingdom I107459
2 Geoffrey VI, Count of Nantes, Geoffrey of Anjou, Geoffrey FitzEmpress  27 Jul 1158England, United Kingdom I108241
3 Ade, Thomas  England, United Kingdom I105549
4 ap Beli, King Caswallan Cassivellaunos of the Catuvellauni  0048 BCEngland, United Kingdom I110127
5 ap Garar, Llyr  0010England, United Kingdom I110117
6 Batt, Mary Alice  England, United Kingdom I105622
7 Beauforest, Thomas  1510England, United Kingdom I107493
8 Beaumont, Leicester  1197England, United Kingdom I111530
9 Bulkeley, Katherine  1480England, United Kingdom I106042
10 Cooke, Lady Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I107181
11 Corbet, Maria Mary  1524England, United Kingdom I105938
12 Cox, Henry  1400England, United Kingdom I107194
13 Cox, John  1379England, United Kingdom I107191
14 Cox, Michael  1175England, United Kingdom I107208
15 Cox, Samuel  1300England, United Kingdom I107199
16 Cox, Thomas  1380England, United Kingdom I107193
17 Cox, Thomas G.  1342England, United Kingdom I107195
18 Cox, Thos G  1312England, United Kingdom I107197
19 Cox III, John  Abt 1451England, United Kingdom I107180
20 Croxton, Margery  1100England, United Kingdom I103457
21 Devereux, Lady Elizabeth  1510England, United Kingdom I105994
22 DeWillerby, Robert  England, United Kingdom I110418
23 Eccles, Margaret  Between 30 March 1851 and 25 May 1856England, United Kingdom I104409
24 Edshaw, Virginia Alice  1547England, United Kingdom I107959
25 FitzJohn, William  Aft 1133England, United Kingdom I108929
26 Harvey, Anne  1320England, United Kingdom I107196
27 Icenians, Julia Victoria Panardun of the  100England, United Kingdom I110104
28 James, Anna  1612England, United Kingdom I103087
29 Lane, Richard  1605England, United Kingdom I104948
30 Le Scrope, William  12 May 1463England, United Kingdom I108651
31 Neale, Harriet  1300England, United Kingdom I107198
32 Paddon, Mary  1174England, United Kingdom I107209
33 Parr, Dorothy  1542England, United Kingdom I105066
34 Parr, John  1487England, United Kingdom I105064
35 Parr, Margaret  1525England, United Kingdom I105065
36 Parr, Oliver  England, United Kingdom I105063
37 Phippen, John  1600England, United Kingdom I103095
38 Pole, Thomas De La  24 Nov 1361England, United Kingdom I106354
39 Richmond, Ann  1380England, United Kingdom I107192
40 Savage, Elizabeth  1487England, United Kingdom I106153
41 Sir Parr Lane  1580England, United Kingdom I104972
42 Smyth, Isabella Alice R  England, United Kingdom I110344
43 Stapylton, Geoffrey de  1090England, United Kingdom I111445
44 Starkey, Richard  England, United Kingdom I54682
45 Strelley Mr.  England, United Kingdom I105027
46 Theobald, Joan  1520England, United Kingdom I110330
47 Thornton, Beatrice de  England, United Kingdom I109432
48 Vernon, Mary Heiress of Haddon  1562England, United Kingdom I106017
49 Wessex, Cynric King Of  560England, United Kingdom I109846
50 White, John  1518England, United Kingdom I104957

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Daniell, Sir Thomas the Knight  England, United Kingdom I109345
2 De Longespee, Ida Idonea  1268England, United Kingdom I108212
3 Dutton, Dame Anne Countess of Sefton  England, United Kingdom I106138
4 Eccles, Margaret  Between 30 March 1851 and 25 May 1856England, United Kingdom I104409
5 Heath, John Henry  17 Jan 1644England, United Kingdom I104890
6 Prower, Martha  1629England, United Kingdom I104603
7 Scrope, Archdeacon of Richmond, Chancellor of Cambridge, Stephen Le  5 Sep 1418England, United Kingdom I108649
8 West Saxons, Cynric King Of  Abt 560England, United Kingdom I109847


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boulding /   Bef 1618England, United Kingdom F53373
2 Boulding /   Bef 1618England, United Kingdom F53380
3 De Upham / Hinckley Avent Upham  Abt 1558England, United Kingdom F53382
4 Hackett /   Abt 1477England, United Kingdom F54321
5 Pierce, / Phippen  Abt 1604England, United Kingdom F53383
6 Yeoman / Yeoman  Bef 1566England, United Kingdom F27753

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