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Barbour Co., West Virginia



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Cloa Virginia  Abt 1898Barbour Co., West Virginia I65434
2 Goss, Flossie Pearl  4 Feb 1897Barbour Co., West Virginia I65202
3 Hymes, Mathew Elmore  Abt 1879Barbour Co., West Virginia I65428
4 McDonald, Anna  Abt 1896Barbour Co., West Virginia I65427
5 Poling, Anna Clarisa  18 Feb 1893Barbour Co., West Virginia I65324
6 Poling, Catherine or Cassandra  20 Dec 1855Barbour Co., West Virginia I64796
7 Poling, Edgar  31 May 1892Barbour Co., West Virginia I65388
8 Poling, Eli J.  7 Jul 1849Barbour Co., West Virginia I64792
9 Poling, Emma J.  9 May 1880Barbour Co., West Virginia I65318
10 Poling, Lola B.  21 Sep 1890Barbour Co., West Virginia I65378
11 Poling, Lucy  15 Oct 1884Barbour Co., West Virginia I65321
12 Poling, Mary F.  6 Oct 1877Barbour Co., West Virginia I65315
13 Poling, Minnie Grace  1 Nov 1889Barbour Co., West Virginia I65323
14 Shank, J. O.  Abt 1888Barbour Co., West Virginia I65426
15 Sipe, Howard  Abt 1883Barbour Co., West Virginia I65431
16 Swick, Adaline C.  6 Aug 1846Barbour Co., West Virginia I64898
17 Swick, Herman  28 Nov 1910Barbour Co., West Virginia I65269
18 Swick, Lona C.  23 Aug 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia I65266
19 Swick, Theodore  1907Barbour Co., West Virginia I65268
20 Talbott, Lawson T.  Abt 1883Barbour Co., West Virginia I65429
21 Thacker, Beulah Chleo  24 Apr 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia I65356
22 Thacker, Dale  Apr 1931Barbour Co., West Virginia I65359
23 Thacker, Francis Hathaway  21 Oct 1878Barbour Co., West Virginia I65338
24 Thacker, Willis  Apr 1931Barbour Co., West Virginia I65360
25 White, Catherine  Abt 1862Barbour Co., West Virginia I65175
26 White, Elijah  20 Oct 1828Barbour Co., West Virginia I64250
27 White, John J.  14 Jan 1860Barbour Co., West Virginia I65170
28 White, Joseph Winfield  Abt 1857Barbour Co., West Virginia I65177
29 White, Lafayette London  Abt 1872Barbour Co., West Virginia I65171
30 White, Martha E.  25 Jul 1856Barbour Co., West Virginia I65176
31 Wilmoth, Allen V.  Abt 1875Barbour Co., West Virginia I65430
32 Wilson, Jule Dwight  25 Apr 1902Barbour Co., West Virginia I64889
33 Wiseman, Bessie V.  25 Jul 1901Barbour Co., West Virginia I65432


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hewitt, Louisa A.  18 Dec 1953Barbour Co., West Virginia I65312
2 Poling, Asbury  16 Apr 1956Barbour Co., West Virginia I65319
3 Poling, Catherine or Cassandra  1921Barbour Co., West Virginia I64796
4 Poling, Edgar  10 Jul 1900Barbour Co., West Virginia I62176
5 Poling, Lola B.  14 Sep 1900Barbour Co., West Virginia I65378
6 Poling, Mary Ardelia  Feb 1969Barbour Co., West Virginia I65325
7 Poling, Remus  1927Barbour Co., West Virginia I64797
8 Poling, Simon P.  5 Jan 1926Barbour Co., West Virginia I64794
9 Swick, Ackerman Lonzo  Jun 1983Barbour Co., West Virginia I65274
10 Swick, infant son  1949Barbour Co., West Virginia I65276
11 Thacker, Beulah Chleo  24 Apr 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia I65356
12 Thacker, Dale  5 May 1931Barbour Co., West Virginia I65359
13 Thacker, Eugene Vivian  10 Jan 1922Barbour Co., West Virginia I65358
14 Thacker, James Demetrius.  1923Barbour Co., West Virginia I65311
15 Thacker, Victor H.  Mar 1977Barbour Co., West Virginia I65344
16 Thacker, William Rice  14 Nov 1961Barbour Co., West Virginia I65339
17 Thacker, Willis  12 Apr 1931Barbour Co., West Virginia I65360
18 Ware, Laura J.  1926Barbour Co., West Virginia I65310
19 Weaver, Mary or Polly  27 Apr 1885Barbour Co., West Virginia I62166
20 Weaver, Nancy  Barbour Co., West Virginia I62164


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Corbin / Proudfoot  19 May 1864Barbour Co., West Virginia F41565
2 Hewitt / Poling  21 Feb 1901Barbour Co., West Virginia F42972
3 Hewitt / Poling  2 Feb 1902Barbour Co., West Virginia F42969
4 Hymes / Thacker  30 Jun 1896Barbour Co., West Virginia F42987
5 Poling / Anderson  12 Jan 1890Barbour Co., West Virginia F42790
6 Poling / Barker  29 May 1921Barbour Co., West Virginia F42974
7 Poling / Hewitt  28 Jun 1873Barbour Co., West Virginia F42789
8 Poling / McCauley  16 Aug 1924Barbour Co., West Virginia F42990
9 Poling / Ware  14 Jan 1879Barbour Co., West Virginia F42792
10 Poling / Weaver  26 Aug 1847Barbour Co., West Virginia F41772
11 Poling / Wiseman  17 Nov 1925Barbour Co., West Virginia F42970
12 Proudfoot / Gall  31 Aug 1865Barbour Co., West Virginia F41564
13 Shank / Goss  22 May 1915Barbour Co., West Virginia F42934
14 Sipe / Poling  10 Mar 1903Barbour Co., West Virginia F42971
15 Stalnaker / Sipe  26 Aug 1899Barbour Co., West Virginia F42074
16 Steerman / Swick  11 Oct 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia F42846
17 Swick / Benson  22 Oct 1909Barbour Co., West Virginia F42953
18 Swick / Moore  24 Dec 1905Barbour Co., West Virginia F42952
19 Swick / Morris  1 Nov 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia F42838
20 Swick / Wilson  1 Jun 1909Barbour Co., West Virginia F42850
21 Talbott / Poling  3 Jul 1906Barbour Co., West Virginia F42973
22 Thacker / McCally  26 Feb 1891Barbour Co., West Virginia F42985
23 Thacker / Poling  18 May 1872Barbour Co., West Virginia F42791
24 Ware / Evaline  6 Nov 1893Barbour Co., West Virginia F42997
25 Ware / Poling  18 Oct 1891Barbour Co., West Virginia F42966
26 Weaver / Mc Cauley  7 Mar 1865Barbour Co., West Virginia F41771
27 White / Cline  6 Jan 1873Barbour Co., West Virginia F42929
28 White / George  1848Barbour Co., West Virginia F42536
29 Williamson / Swick  18 Aug 1871Barbour Co., West Virginia F42830
30 Wilmoth / Poling  8 Sep 1903Barbour Co., West Virginia F42996
31 Woodford / Switzer  30 Jan 1900Barbour Co., West Virginia F41972

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