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Staffordshire, England



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anabella  1308Staffordshire, England I96105
2 Margaret  Abt 1384Staffordshire, England I127852
3 Aston, Alice  1410Staffordshire, England I127832
4 Audley, Alice de  Abt 1218Staffordshire, England I17847
5 Bagnell, Simon  1500Staffordshire, England I5328
6 Bolton, Rebecca  1659Staffordshire, England I139021
7 Bolton, Roger  5 Mar 1614Staffordshire, England I139012
8 Byley, Joan  1520Staffordshire, England I111726
9 Charnels, Matilda  1362Staffordshire, England I28454
10 de Stafford, Edmund 5th Earl  2 Mar 1377Staffordshire, England I107273
11 de Stafford, Edmund 5th Earl of Stafford  2 Mar 1377Staffordshire, England I129625
12 de Stafford, Elizabeth  Abt 1340Staffordshire, England I146232
13 de Stafford, Hugh  Abt 1336Staffordshire, England I147022
14 de Stafford, Margaret  Abt 1370Staffordshire, England I142973
15 de Stafford, Margaret  Abt 1370Staffordshire, England I146985
16 de Stafford, Thomas  1368Staffordshire, England I129621
17 Delves, Aynon  Abt 1321Staffordshire, England I96101
18 Devereux, John  1463Staffordshire, England I126314
19 Dillorne, Elizabeth  Abt 1480Staffordshire, England I70752
20 Ferrers, Bertha De  1205Staffordshire, ENGLAND I130776
21 Ferrers, John  1448Staffordshire, England I133376
22 Fitz Harbert, Janne  1402Staffordshire, England I118025
23 Hardwick, Mrs Thomas  Abt 1352Staffordshire, England I125478
24 Hare, Nicholas  Abt 1487Staffordshire, England I136049
25 Hare, Thomas  Abt 1463Staffordshire, England I136047
26 Hornblower, Joseph  1696Staffordshire, England I958
27 Lee, Helen  26 Aug 1603Staffordshire, England I138999
28 Lee, Henry  26 Sep 1601Staffordshire, England I138998
29 Lee, Richard  3 Nov 1607Staffordshire, England I139001
30 Lees, Apolina  1616Staffordshire, England I139007
31 Lees, George  28 Oct 1613Staffordshire, England I139004
32 Moore, Anne  1568Staffordshire, England I142931
33 of Mohun, Eleanor Fitz Reginald  Abt 1270Staffordshire, England I122301
34 Offley, Margaret  1508Staffordshire, England I70852
35 Offley, William  Abt 1475Staffordshire, England I70751
36 Plantagenet, Mary  1320Staffordshire, England I141189
37 Plantagenet, Mary  1320Staffordshire, England I145025
38 Salvain, sir, Robert I ,Knt, of Harswell  Abt 1238Staffordshire, England I140716
39 Smith, Richard  1516Staffordshire, England I137899
40 Stafford, Edmund 6 Stafford / Lord/ 5/ Earl/ Stafford  2 Mar 1378Staffordshire, England I129628
41 Touchet, Anne  Abt 1421Staffordshire, England I147813
42 Walsh, William Lodge  1455Staffordshire, England I141893
43 Whitmore, Margaret  Abt 1592Staffordshire, England I126125
44 Wrottesley, Jane  1429Staffordshire, England I127059
45 Yonge, Thomas  1345Staffordshire, England I118170


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, William  1500Staffordshire, England I1740


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arderne, Thomas  24 Jun 1391Staffordshire, England I151873
2 Aston, Baron Walter  13 Aug 1639Staffordshire, England I70743
3 Audley, James De  11 Jun 1272Staffordshire, England I17856
4 Bassett, Ralph  25 Feb 1343Staffordshire, England I19626
5 Belcher, Hugh  Staffordshire, England I84906
6 Bolton, Ellen  1693Staffordshire, England I139014
7 Bolton, Mary  1688Staffordshire, England I139013
8 Bolton, Roger  1662Staffordshire, England I139012
9 Corbet, Maria  1531Staffordshire, England I131343
10 De Dutton, Ellen  1420Staffordshire, England I122907
11 de Stafford, Edmund  12 Aug 1308Staffordshire, England I136407
12 De Stafford, Elizabeth  7 Aug 1375Staffordshire, England I129650
13 de Stafford, Elizabeth  7 Aug 1375Staffordshire, England I146232
14 de Stafford, Joan  2 Aug 1397Staffordshire, England I129651
15 de Sutton, John I  1338Staffordshire, England I138434
16 DeFerriers, Sir Robert Lord of Chartley  28 Aug 1350Staffordshire, England I145001
17 Deincourt, Joan  Staffordshire, England I140657
18 Fitz Harbert, Janne  1496Staffordshire, England I118025
19 Forde, William  1611Staffordshire, England I128233
20 Giffard, John  1371Staffordshire, England I135448
21 Heynes, Margaret  1533Staffordshire, England I127201
22 Kniveton, Richard  1476Staffordshire, England I146963
23 Lacon, Thomas  1530Staffordshire, England I131342
24 Lee, John  1628Staffordshire, England I138814
25 Lees, Apolina  25 Sep 1645Staffordshire, England I139007
26 Lees, Mary  1668Staffordshire, England I139006
27 Molyneux, Richard  1460Staffordshire, England I56121
28 Montgomery, Elizabeth  1439Staffordshire, England I150937
29 Moore, Anne  1621Staffordshire, England I142931
30 of Mohun, Eleanor Fitz Reginald  Bef 1335Staffordshire, England I122301
31 Salvain, sir, Robert I ,Knt, of Harswell  Staffordshire, England I140716
32 Smythe, Thomas Eley  1543Staffordshire, England I120442
33 Somery, Roger de Baron de Somery  16 Sep 1273Staffordshire, England I7595
34 Stafford, Edmund de  12 Aug 1308Staffordshire, England I144989
35 Sutton, Sir John 1 de Baron  1338Staffordshire, England I8318
36 Throckmorton, Mary  1568Staffordshire, England I115232
37 Thynne, Margeria  1546Staffordshire, England I127175
38 Touchet, Lady Elizabeth Baroness Cobham  23 Sep 1459Staffordshire, England I147812
39 Touchet, John Baron Audley  16 Sep 1490Staffordshire, England I136297
40 Tuchet, Sir John  23 Jun 1372Staffordshire, England I20118
41 Tuchet, John 6th Lord Audley  16 Sep 1490Staffordshire, England I147772
42 Vernon, Thomas  1580Staffordshire, England I114300
43 Whitmore, Margaret  1628Staffordshire, England I126125
44 Wouldridge, Margaret  1630Staffordshire, England I138997
45 Wrottesley, Walter  1473Staffordshire, England I127064
46 Yonge, Geoffrey [Galfridus]  1380Staffordshire, England I118178
47 Young, Philip  23 Sep 1459Staffordshire, England I50869


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Belcher, Hugh  1478Staffordshire, England I84906
2 Bowles, Jane  23 Sep 1562Staffordshire, England I39998
3 de Bernicia, Ealdgyth  1038Staffordshire, England I107778
4 Lacon, Thomas  1530Staffordshire, England I131342
5 Morgan, Maud  Abt 1577Staffordshire, England I68796


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aston / Brooks  1538Staffordshire, England F25301
2 Barrington /   Abt 1407Staffordshire, England F60449
3 Blagrove / Blagrove  1504Staffordshire, England F56356
4 de Audley / Lady De Clare  28 Apr 1317Staffordshire, England F61365

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