Some Fabulous Pedigrees

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Provo, Utah, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowler, Mary Frances  16 Apr 1891Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12281
2 Cole, Theodore R.  8 Aug 1914Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102293
3 Ferre, Norma  25 Oct 1922Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I142783
4 Gee, Esther  29 Oct 1873Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12240
5 Haws, Alvah Merrill  12 May 1901Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10849
6 Haws, Amos Waldo  24 Oct 1889Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12448
7 Haws, Caleb Arthur  4 Nov 1871Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10663
8 Haws, Erma  20 Jan 1891Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11216
9 Haws, George Whitcomb  20 Nov 1868Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10556
10 Haws, Gilberth Lynn  31 Jan 1888Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10868
11 Haws, Gilberth Smith  30 May 1918Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12571
12 Haws, Guy Murice  7 Dec 1894Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12497
13 Haws, Helen Lucille  19 Jan 1905Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10851
14 Haws, James Gilberth  4 Mar 1862Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12171
15 Haws, James Noel  20 May 1897Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12498
16 Haws, Louis Albert  25 Sep 1889Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I23731
17 Haws, Mary Angeline (Ann)  13 Apr 1867Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10770
18 Haws, Mary Vivian  30 Mar 1899Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10650
19 Haws, Sarah Louisa  20 Apr 1866Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11469
20 Haws, Wilford Bruce  15 Feb 1893Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11431
21 Haws, William Wallace Jr.  20 Sep 1856Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11346
22 Holdaway, Logan Gilbert  1 Aug 1859Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10829
23 Hundley, Willmirth  13 Oct 1888Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I20966
24 Muhlestein, Rachel Mary  9 Jan 1897Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I22765
25 Roberts, Ephraim Bell  31 Jan 1863Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I70612
26 Stradling, Sarah Ann  24 Sep 1868Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12531
27 Williams, Nancy Isabella  14 Aug 1865Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12341
28 York, Belva Fern  13 May 1886Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12444
29 York, Gilbert Clarence  3 Oct 1866Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12581
30 York, James Chauncey  22 May 1864Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12567
31 Young, Lydia Anna  24 Jan 1858Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I38120


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Haws, Erma  2 Apr 1891Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11216
2 Haws, Sarah Louisa  9 Dec 1866Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11469


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, James  29 Jun 1882Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102351
2 Bean, James Addison  20 Jan 1917Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102360
3 Billings, George Pierce  10 Apr 1931Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I38119
4 Cole, Theodore R.  11 Dec 1958Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102293
5 Cook, Ersel Irinda  24 Jun 1984Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I111052
6 Foote, Thomas John  14 May 1936Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11840
7 Gee, Esther  22 May 1942Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12240
8 Glenn, Margaret Lister  11 Sep 1957Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I66199
9 Haws, Alvah Merrill  13 Jan 1978Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10849
10 Haws, Amos Waldo  24 Feb 1890Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12448
11 Haws, Caroline  5 May 1853Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I210
12 Haws, Gilberth Lynn  26 Aug 1954Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10868
13 Haws, James Noel  26 May 1968Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12498
14 Haws, John  11 Apr 1852Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I845
15 Haws, Mary Vivian  19 Mar 1900Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10650
16 Haws, Sarah Louisa  25 Jun 1934Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11469
17 Haws, Sterling  23 Apr 1981Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I23735
18 Haws, Wilford Bruce  4 Dec 1987Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11431
19 Haws, William Wallace Jr.  2 Oct 1914Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11346
20 Holdaway, Amos David  28 Apr 1900Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11787
21 Holdaway, David Oscar  13 Mar 1907Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11425
22 Holdaway, Shadrack (Shedrick)  24 Dec 1902Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I2074
23 Masters, Martha  7 Sep 1862Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I856
24 Rogers, Ida Overson  15 Dec 1991Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I24525
25 Taylor, Elma  21 May 1984Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11754
26 Thomas, Amelia  1 Nov 1864Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102352
27 Williams, Nancy Isabella  21 Oct 1946Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12341
28 Womack, Isabel  8 Jul 1863Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I854
29 York, Asa Bartlett  11 Mar 1920Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I2092
30 York, Belva Fern  12 Jul 1921Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12444
31 York, Luella Lucinda  31 May 1929Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10886
32 Young, Lydia Anna  5 Dec 1928Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I38120


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bean, James  30 Jun 1882Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I102351
2 Glenn, Margaret Lister  16 Sep 1957Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I66199
3 Haws, Alvah Merrill  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10849
4 Haws, Amos Waldo  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12448
5 Haws, Erma  31 Jan 1980Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11216
6 Haws, Gilberth Lynn  31 Aug 1954Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10868
7 Haws, James Noel  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12498
8 Haws, Mary Vivian  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10650
9 Haws, William Wallace Jr.  5 Oct 1914Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11346
10 Holdaway, Amos David  30 Apr 1900Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11787
11 Holdaway, William Shadrack  11 Mar 1939Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10750
12 Prater, Elizabeth Amanda  2 Feb 1920Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12352
13 Rogers, Ida Overson  19 Dec 1991Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I24525
14 Taylor, Elma  24 May 1984Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11754
15 Williams, Nancy Isabella  24 Oct 1946Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I12341
16 Young, Lydia Anna  9 Dec 1928Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I38120


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Haws / Bean  27 Dec 1855Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F228
2 Kay / Day  11 Dec 1869Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F109
3 Kay / Haws  12 Nov 1890Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F19

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