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Mona, Juab, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harrison, Alice  26 Mar 1884Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I110
2 Harrison, John Jr  2 Dec 1881Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I109
3 Harrison, Joseph Henry  8 Apr 1886Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I111
4 Johnson, Sarah Elsie  21 Aug 1880Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I81916
5 Kay, Earl James  29 Aug 1907Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12739
6 Kay, Eldon  18 Apr 1912Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12740
7 Kay, Elva Leona  15 Mar 1902Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12737
8 Kay, Martha Lavina  30 Jan 1879Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I163
9 Kay, Mary Elizabeth  8 Nov 1873Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I106
10 Kay, Mary Ellen  28 Jan 1872Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I73617
11 Kay, Ora  29 Jan 1904Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12738
12 Kay, Sarah Ann  3 Aug 1871Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I105
13 Partridge, Anna Maria  25 Nov 1869Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I256
14 Partridge, Caroline  29 Sep 1867Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I255
15 Partridge, Ella  5 Nov 1874Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I259
16 Partridge, Nancy  20 Sep 1873Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I258
17 Partridge, Walter Amos  25 May 1871Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I257
18 Roberts, Andrew Bethul  4 Feb 1867Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I161
19 Roberts, Arthur Owen  5 Jan 1895Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12749
20 Roberts, Elmer Leroy  21 Dec 1891Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12747
21 Roberts, Jennie  10 Jul 1893Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I12748
22 Vest, Daniel Gustavus  19 Apr 1872Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I723
23 Vest, Edward David Edwin  19 Apr 1870Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I722
24 Vest, Lydia Isabella  11 Jan 1875Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I724
25 Vest, Mary Ann  13 Nov 1865Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I720
26 Vest, Rebecca Berthenia  7 Feb 1868Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I721
27 York, Luella Lucinda  23 Oct 1879Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I10886
28 York, Mary Olive  17 Dec 1869Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I10869
29 York, Veranis Haws  12 Jun 1874Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I10872


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harrison, Nancy Althea  1878Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I70594
2 Kay, James William  1944Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I747
3 Kay, Mary Elizabeth  28 Apr 1952Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I106
4 Kay, William  15 Oct 1867Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I99
5 Newton, William  29 Oct 1900Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I171
6 Partridge, Caroline  27 May 1870Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I255
7 Partridge, Charles William  11 Sep 1866Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I248
8 Partridge, Eliza  7 Nov 1876Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I253
9 Partridge, Roena or Rowena  15 Oct 1923Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I252
10 Roberts, Ephraim Bell  30 Oct 1924Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I70612
11 Spencer, Rachel  10 May 1911Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I169


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Day, Eliza  7 Dec 1930Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I104
2 Harrison, John  13 Apr 1913Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I107
3 Harrison, Nancy Althea  Jan 1878Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I70594
4 Kay, Edward  Jun 1868Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I100
5 Kay, Mary Elizabeth  30 Apr 1952Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I106
6 Kay, William  Oct 1867Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I99
7 Newton, William  Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I171
8 Partridge, Ella  Mar 1955Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I259
9 Partridge, Nancy  Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I258
10 Partridge, Walter Amos  Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I257
11 Roberts, Ephraim Bell  3 Nov 1924Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I70612
12 Spencer, Rachel  12 May 1911Mona, Juab, Utah, USA I169


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holladay / Carter  6 Nov 1882Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F8092
2 Kay / Vest  15 Apr 1864Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F50
3 Roberts / Harrison  29 Nov 1888Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F40008
4 Roberts / Kay  13 Nov 1890Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F114
5 Starr / Carter  23 Jun 1881Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F8582
6 Vest / Houghton  3 Dec 1893Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F606
7 Vest / Newton  30 Jun 1886Mona, Juab, Utah, USA F604

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