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Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1517Gloucestershire, England I132990
2 Margaret Countess of Carrick  2 Nov 1226Gloucestershire, England I127564
3 Acott, Samuel  1752Gloucestershire, England I53370
4 AnneCrabbe Mrs  Cal 1532Gloucestershire, England I135039
5 Ap Adam, John  Abt 1315Gloucestershire, England I146643
6 Atwood, Alice  1607Gloucestershire, England I95771
7 Atwood, Margaret  4 Jan 1490Gloucestershire, England I135554
8 Berkeley, Alice  1424Gloucestershire, England I146945
9 Berkeley, Elizabeth  1428Gloucestershire, England I146924
10 Berkeley, Henry 7th Baron of Berkeley  1533Gloucestershire, England I92200
11 Berkeley, Maurice 3rd Baron Berkeley  1436Gloucestershire, England I146948
12 Berkeley, Maurice 3rd Baron Berkeley  1436Gloucestershire, England I150578
13 Brugge, Sir Thomas Knight  Abt 1425Gloucestershire, England I119124
14 Brydges, William  Abt 1498Gloucestershire, England I111781
15 Clare, Gilbert de  12 Sep 1229Gloucestershire, England I15677
16 Clutterbuck, Ann  Abt 1826Gloucestershire, England I116434
17 Clutterbuck, Emma  Abt 1837Gloucestershire, England I116439
18 Clutterbuck, Jane  Abt 1826Gloucestershire, England I116435
19 Clutterbuck, John  Abt 1837Gloucestershire, England I116438
20 Clutterbuck, Rebecca  Abt 1836Gloucestershire, England I116437
21 Clutterbuck, Thomas  Abt 1831Gloucestershire, England I116436
22 Clutterbuck, William Thomas  Jun 1841Gloucestershire, England I116440
23 Crabbe, John  Cal 1530Gloucestershire, England I46174
24 Crabbe, Susan  Cal 1556Gloucestershire, England I135040
25 Crandall, James  1586Gloucestershire, England I127677
26 Crandall, Nicholas  1562Gloucestershire, England I127673
27 de Berkeley, James  1425Gloucestershire, England I146947
28 de Clare, Matilda  1184Gloucestershire, England I150728
29 de Clare, Lady Maud  1172Gloucestershire, England I144333
30 De Clare, Richard 6th Earl of Gloucester  4 Aug 1222Gloucestershire, England I132783
31 de Clare, William  18 May 1228Gloucestershire, England I127561
32 de Clare Of Gloucester, 6th Earl Richard  11 Aug 1222Gloucestershire, England I132778
33 Dennis, Sir Gilbert  Abt 1393Gloucestershire, England I59481
34 Dennis, William  Abt 1372Gloucestershire, England I59485
35 Eckut, Samuel  1713Gloucestershire, England I53376
36 Eycott, Samuel  27 Nov 1663Gloucestershire, England I53382
37 Fitzpons, Richard  Abt 1064Gloucestershire, England I105441
38 Fletcher, Mr. Thomas  1505Gloucestershire, England I108956
39 Gayner, William  1510Gloucestershire, England I148156
40 Gloucester, Mabel of  1090Gloucestershire, England I144856
41 Grindon, Agnes  Abt 1290Gloucestershire, England I14357
42 Harley, Joan De  1465Gloucestershire, England I94628
43 Hicks, Baptist  Abt 1484Gloucestershire, England I135642
44 Hicks, James  Abt 1513Gloucestershire, England I135556
45 Hicks, Sir John  1455Gloucestershire, England I135638
46 Hicks, John  1491Gloucestershire, England I135645
47 Hicks, Sir Michael  Abt 1515Gloucestershire, England I135558
48 Hicks, Robert  Abt 1486Gloucestershire, England I135643
49 Hicks, Sir Thomas  1487Gloucestershire, England I135553
50 Hitch, Margaret Mary  1505Gloucestershire, England I123492

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bloxham, Ann  23 Dec 1786Gloucestershire, England I139922
2 Brydges, John Baron Chandos  9 Mar 1491Gloucestershire, England I74077


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berkeley, James  1515Gloucestershire, England I150580
2 Blanche, Margery  Gloucestershire, England I95848
3 Brydges, Stephen  Bef 1532Gloucestershire, England I111768
4 Brydges, Stephen  Bef 1532Gloucestershire, England I122369
5 De BALIDOON, Drue  Abt 1080Gloucestershire, England I91784
6 de Clifford, Henry  28 Dec 1616Gloucestershire, England I101532
7 DeMontgomery, Sybil  1107Gloucestershire, England I149976
8 Everard, James  1570Gloucestershire, England I135656
9 Francis, Sir Adam Lord Mayor London  4 May 1375Gloucestershire, England I145066
10 Francis, Sir Adam  4 May 1375Gloucestershire, England I139677
11 Gayner, Mistress  Aft 1535Gloucestershire, England I148157
12 Gloucester, Anne of  16 Oct 1438Gloucestershire, England I147949
13 Greene, Walter  1495Gloucestershire, England I112265
14 Harley, Joan De  1537Gloucestershire, England I94628
15 Hicks, Sir John  1492Gloucestershire, England I135638
16 Hicks, Sir Thomas  1565Gloucestershire, England I135553
17 Hungerford, Henry  1580Gloucestershire, England I55140
18 Hungerford, Susan  1608Gloucestershire, England I142045
19 Lovestick, Stephen  1368Gloucestershire, England I126960
20 Lovestick, William  Gloucestershire, England I126962
21 Mede, Sir Thomas Iv  20 Dec 1475Gloucestershire, England I150618
22 Merrett, Walter  10 Feb 1609Gloucestershire, England I95852
23 Mortimer, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1527Gloucestershire, England I134645
24 Mortimer Plantagenet, Alice  1417Gloucestershire, England I141188
25 Poynter, Winifred  1630Gloucestershire, England I54361
26 Reade, Col Robert Jr  1669Gloucestershire, England I141691
27 Rennelegh, Jane  1475Gloucestershire, England I125470
28 Syforde, Mary  3 Feb 1587Gloucestershire, England I146591
29 Whithorne, Walter  13 Oct 1651Gloucestershire, England I137213
30 Whittington, William Lord of Pauntley  1470Gloucestershire, England I148981
31 Whorwood, William  1350Gloucestershire, England I126953
32 Winter, Sir John  1673Gloucestershire, England I114674
33 Wynter, George  1581Gloucestershire, England I114762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fitzwarine, Lady Agnes  1433Gloucestershire, England I125759
2 Fitzwarine, Agnes  1433Gloucestershire, England I127251
3 Fitzwarine, Agnes  1433Gloucestershire, England I128424
4 Goodale, Elizabeth  1572Gloucestershire, England I117517


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clare / Burgh  1308Gloucestershire, England F11544
2 Crabbe / AnneCrabbe  Cal 1554Gloucestershire, England F28626
3 De Clifford / de Clare  3 Nov 1295Gloucestershire, England F65258
4 Fletcher / Fletcher  1534Gloucestershire, England F52193
5 Hicks / Atwood  1510Gloucestershire, England F55463
6 Lusty / Price  1841Gloucestershire, England F82
7 Savage / Stanley  Abt 1496Gloucestershire, England F33286
8 Stephens / Ram  Abt 1615Gloucestershire, England F2491
9 Wynter / Somerset  11 Aug 1595Gloucestershire, England F54547

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