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Barbour County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bonner, infant  1906Barbour County, West Virginia I65461
2 Bonner, William Bernie  15 Aug 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I65459
3 Cade, Nancy Ann  3 Jan 1848Barbour County, West Virginia I62433
4 George, Frederick Brooks  1933Barbour County, West Virginia I65577
5 Glendenning, Eva V.  1909Barbour County, West Virginia I63707
6 Glendenning, Pembert  19 Mar 1905Barbour County, West Virginia I63706
7 Glendenning, V.  18 Feb 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I63694
8 Glendenning, Wilbert  18 Sep 1906Barbour County, West Virginia I63693
9 Goode, son  1899Barbour County, West Virginia I63679
10 Griffith, George  1918Barbour County, West Virginia I65464
11 Hardin, Emma  3 Apr 1874Barbour County, West Virginia I63894
12 Harris, Everet  Jun 1880Barbour County, West Virginia I65585
13 Hewitt, Clyde  4 Jul 1904Barbour County, West Virginia I65505
14 Hewitt, Myrtle E.  25 Nov 1901Barbour County, West Virginia I65503
15 House, Hattie Huldah  31 Dec 1871Barbour County, West Virginia I62097
16 Kerr, Dama V.  4 Jul 1882Barbour County, West Virginia I65584
17 Kerr, Luther H.  15 Mar 1856Barbour County, West Virginia I64900
18 Kerr, Roy D.  31 Jan 1887Barbour County, West Virginia I64901
19 Mc Cauley, Almina Malissa  Mar 1843Barbour County, West Virginia I62185
20 Newlon, George Maynard  Mar 1897Barbour County, West Virginia I65467
21 Newlon, Phoebe Leona  23 May 1906Barbour County, West Virginia I65470
22 Newlon, Zona  13 Jul 1899Barbour County, West Virginia I65468
23 Poe, Thurman  6 Nov 1888Barbour County, West Virginia I65513
24 Poe, Thurman  24 Dec 1928Barbour County, West Virginia I65516
25 Poling, Ann Clarissa  Oct 1850Barbour County, West Virginia I64798
26 Poling, Bernice R.  21 Jan 1906Barbour County, West Virginia I65386
27 Poling, Edward Gale  1 Oct 1920Barbour County, West Virginia I65390
28 Poling, Ronald James  17 Apr 1918Barbour County, West Virginia I65389
29 Proudfoot, Catherine Jane  28 Jul 1842Barbour County, West Virginia I62728
30 Proudfoot, Francis Cross  16 May 1844Barbour County, West Virginia I62729
31 Proudfoot, Levi  14 May 1840Barbour County, West Virginia I62727
32 Proudfoot, Sarah Ann  14 Dec 1847Barbour County, West Virginia I62731
33 Proudfoot, Sylvester  15 Aug 1845Barbour County, West Virginia I62730
34 Rohrbough, John  1874Barbour County, West Virginia I65531
35 Shomo, Stark Alva  19 Sep 1904Barbour County, West Virginia I65568
36 Sipe, Edgar  19 Mar 1874Barbour County, West Virginia I65525
37 Sipe, Luverna F.  23 Nov 1875Barbour County, West Virginia I63105
38 Sipe, Mary S.  Aug 1876Barbour County, West Virginia I65526
39 Sipe, Naomi  Jun 1883Barbour County, West Virginia I65528
40 Sipe, Rosie  Aug 1880Barbour County, West Virginia I65527
41 Sipe, Simon J.  Abt 1868Barbour County, West Virginia I65668
42 Swick, Allimittia or Mittie  Abt 1876Barbour County, West Virginia I64931
43 Swick, Berta L.  14 Mar 1896Barbour County, West Virginia I64919
44 Swick, Blooma M.  17 Jul 1899Barbour County, West Virginia I64921
45 Swick, Charles N.  May 1897Barbour County, West Virginia I64929
46 Swick, Dama  May 1877Barbour County, West Virginia I64932
47 Swick, Dorwin W.  4 Dec 1918Barbour County, West Virginia I65452
48 Swick, Eugenous Elsworth  Nov 1861Barbour County, West Virginia I63110
49 Swick, Francis L.  2 Jan 1853Barbour County, West Virginia I63919
50 Swick, Icy Maude  Oct 1894Barbour County, West Virginia I64928

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bonner, infant  30 Aug 1906Barbour County, West Virginia I65461
2 Bonner, William J.  1944Barbour County, West Virginia I65458
3 George, Frederick Brooks  1933Barbour County, West Virginia I65577
4 Glendenning, Francis M.  20 Mar 1950Barbour County, West Virginia I63098
5 Glendenning, Pembert  24 Oct 1913Barbour County, West Virginia I63706
6 Glendenning, V.  2 Apr 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I63694
7 Glendenning, Wilbert  14 Nov 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I63693
8 Glendenning, Zetah L.  20 Feb 1903Barbour County, West Virginia I63705
9 Goode, son  1899Barbour County, West Virginia I63679
10 Goss, Charles F.  25 Jan 1899Barbour County, West Virginia I63881
11 Griffith, George  8 Jul 1918Barbour County, West Virginia I65464
12 Harris, Everet  1938Barbour County, West Virginia I65585
13 Kerr, Dama V.  1929Barbour County, West Virginia I65584
14 Kerr, Roy D.  22 Oct 1898Barbour County, West Virginia I64901
15 Mc Cauley, Almina Malissa  Abt 1910Barbour County, West Virginia I62185
16 Mitchell, John  15 May 1854Barbour County, West Virginia I62924
17 Mitchell, Lucinda  26 Mar 1852Barbour County, West Virginia I62922
18 Newlon, Zona  10 Apr 1960Barbour County, West Virginia I65468
19 Sipe, Edgar  4 Sep 1895Barbour County, West Virginia I65525
20 Sipe, John L.  1 Feb 1907Barbour County, West Virginia I62182
21 Sipe, William J.  1907Barbour County, West Virginia I65524
22 Steerman, Hoy  18 Sep 1907Barbour County, West Virginia I65421
23 Streets, Henry D.  1962Barbour County, West Virginia I65517
24 Swick, Charles N.  Between 1900-1910Barbour County, West Virginia I64929
25 Swick, Job  13 Oct 1932Barbour County, West Virginia I63920
26 Swick, Ora Pearl  12 Mar 1895Barbour County, West Virginia I64902
27 Swick, Phoebe E.  4 Aug 1919Barbour County, West Virginia I64905
28 Swick, Raymond R.  Oct 1975Barbour County, West Virginia I64918
29 Swick, Simon M.  12 Apr 1894Barbour County, West Virginia I62179
30 Swick, Simone V.  19 Sep 1960Barbour County, West Virginia I64917
31 Swick, Sylvester  Bef 1860Barbour County, West Virginia I64904
32 Thompson, Rebecca  23 Jul 1857Barbour County, West Virginia I61678
33 Thorn, Alta D.  24 Jan 1918Barbour County, West Virginia I64912
34 Thorn, Armena or Minnie  22 Jul 1957Barbour County, West Virginia I64910
35 Thorn, Boyd  Aug 1977Barbour County, West Virginia I65571
36 Thorn, Clarissa  10 Feb 1886Barbour County, West Virginia I64909
37 Thorn, George W.  8 Nov 1927Barbour County, West Virginia I64906
38 Thorn, Jesse  1912Barbour County, West Virginia I65465
39 Thorn, Mary Elizabeth  1955Barbour County, West Virginia I64895
40 Thorn, Ruth  26 Sep 1992Barbour County, West Virginia I65572
41 Thorn, Sciota  1935Barbour County, West Virginia I64908
42 Thorn, William  15 Oct 1952Barbour County, West Virginia I64911
43 Tiano, Frank  21 Sep 1932Barbour County, West Virginia I65589
44 Ware, Virginia Catherine  1893Barbour County, West Virginia I64898
45 Weaver, Cassandra  23 Feb 1898Barbour County, West Virginia I62172
46 Weaver, Jane Elizabeth  9 Nov 1962Barbour County, West Virginia I63049
47 Weaver, Maude  20 May 1904Barbour County, West Virginia I63052
48 Weaver, Nevada (Vada)  6 Feb 1917Barbour County, West Virginia I63097
49 Weaver, William Henry Harrison  Abt 1914Barbour County, West Virginia I62175
50 Williamson, Earl Granston  27 Sep 1904Barbour County, West Virginia I65659

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Yeager, Urie  Barbour County, West Virginia I63687


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Weaver  18 Sep 1884Barbour County, West Virginia F35875
2 Anderson / Weaver  15 Apr 1897Barbour County, West Virginia F35880
3 Bonner / Everson  2 Jul 1926Barbour County, West Virginia F36736
4 Bonner / Thorn  30 Mar 1904Barbour County, West Virginia F36578
5 Brady / Thorn  27 Feb 1928Barbour County, West Virginia F36757
6 Crimm / Swick  1 Nov 1928Barbour County, West Virginia F36587
7 George / Thorn  8 Apr 1933Barbour County, West Virginia F36758
8 Glendenning / Weaver  18 Jan 1889Barbour County, West Virginia F35876
9 Glendenning / Weaver  18 Jun 1898Barbour County, West Virginia F35894
10 Goode / Ware  15 Apr 1922Barbour County, West Virginia F36061
11 Goode / Weaver  20 Dec 1896Barbour County, West Virginia F35878
12 Goss / Sipe  7 Apr 1889Barbour County, West Virginia F35897
13 Griffith / Thorn  28 Dec 1911Barbour County, West Virginia F36581
14 Hankey / Poling  20 Dec 1908Barbour County, West Virginia F36700
15 Harris / Kerr  6 Mar 1904Barbour County, West Virginia F36760
16 Haskins / Swick  20 Dec 1894Barbour County, West Virginia F36596
17 Huffman / Swick  1 May 1910Barbour County, West Virginia F36590
18 Kerr / Coonts  12 Feb 1891Barbour County, West Virginia F36573
19 Kerr / Swick  23 Jun 1881Barbour County, West Virginia F35900
20 McIntosh / Swick  18 Oct 1894Barbour County, West Virginia F35902
21 McIntosh / Swick  16 Nov 1904Barbour County, West Virginia F36572
22 Newlon / Thorn  3 May 1896Barbour County, West Virginia F36579
23 Poe / Hewitt  13 Mar 1924Barbour County, West Virginia F36745
24 Poling / McCauley  Abt 1902Barbour County, West Virginia F36701
25 Proudfoot / Weaver  18 Sep 1890Barbour County, West Virginia F35877
26 Rohrbough / Sipe  19 Sep 1901Barbour County, West Virginia F36747
27 Shomo / Newlon  24 Dec 1925Barbour County, West Virginia F36739
28 Sipe / Poling  15 Oct 1870Barbour County, West Virginia F36537
29 Sipe / Swick  3 Nov 1893Barbour County, West Virginia F36595
30 Sipe / Weaver  22 Dec 1860Barbour County, West Virginia F35630
31 Sipe / Wigle  29 Nov 1891Barbour County, West Virginia F35896
32 Swick / Swick  19 Aug 1894Barbour County, West Virginia F36182
33 Swick / Thorn  6 Jan 1883Barbour County, West Virginia F35901
34 Swick / Ware  21 Sep 1877Barbour County, West Virginia F36181
35 Swick / Weaver  21 Oct 1844Barbour County, West Virginia F35626
36 Swick / Wilson  1875Barbour County, West Virginia F36180
37 Thorn / Jones  1 Nov 1891Barbour County, West Virginia F36577
38 Thorn / Swick  7 May 1868Barbour County, West Virginia F36576
39 Thorn / Swick  23 Jan 1907Barbour County, West Virginia F36584
40 Thorn / Wilson  7 Dec 1904Barbour County, West Virginia F36580
41 Tiano / Newlon  27 Sep 1917Barbour County, West Virginia F36738
42 Weaver / Griggs  12 Sep 1796Barbour County, West Virginia F35624
43 Wilson / Sipe  27 Apr 1899Barbour County, West Virginia F35899

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