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Matches 24,051 to 24,100 of 24,199

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24051 William Mullins brought his wife Alice,daughter Priscilla and son Joseph to America on the Mayflower. Mullins, William (I3954)
24052 William's Will was Dated 7 Jan 1640 & WP 13 Dec 1641. (GS 90171) He died after his son Richard
(Will 1624) both were Yeoman of Merther, Cornwall England. He and his father Bennett
we believe are shown by J L Vivyan: The Visitations of Cornwall P. 365
Jane Marke was one of witnesses to William's will along with John Enis. John Scawen of Trehane (In the
parish of Probus) married Elizabeth Grilles & Elizabeth Trehane & may have also have married 3rdly ?
Elizabeth Penrose who would fit the description as Aunt of Richard. Richards will identifies an Uncle John Scawen of Probus. The John Scawen of Trehane (Parish of Probus) seems to be the only one fitting the bill. See J L Vivyan: The Visitations of Cornwall P. 422 It has also been suggested that William, father of Richard, may have married the sister of John Scawen of Probus, however the Scawen pedigree in J L Vivyans Visitations of Cornwall does not seem to support
this possibility. 
Penrose, William (Yeoman) (I4735)
24053 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I111558)
24054 Wine Merchant
Named in his fathers Will dtd 5 Jan 1818
See The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine Vol 16 No. 3 p. 139 
Penrose, Richard (I130)
24055 Witnessed his fathers will written 20 Nov 1702 Balcom, Alexander (I3644)
24056 WKP Lineage Cooper, Martha Haywood (I489)
24057 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I115805)
24058 Woodward Mss: Welch Pedigrees p. 216 Richard, Sir Miles (I60928)
24059 Woodward Mss, "Welsh Pedigrees" pp 157, 177-179 Bleddri, Sir Rhys ap (I43988)
24060 Woodward MSS, Welsh Pedigrees p.151
Llyfr Baglan P 235
The Genealogies of Glamorgan P 562 
Meyric, Ynyr ap King of Gwent (I37141)
24061 Woodward MSS: Welsh Pedigrees P. 202 Burchill, Cicely (I60925)
24062 Woodward MSS: Welsh Pedigrees P. 216 Richard, Eva (I60927)
24063 Woodward MSS: Welsh Pedigrees P. 97 Cadwgan, Joan vz (I58447)
24064 Woodward MSS: Welch Pedigrees P. 221 Walbieffe, Elizabeth (I38635)
24065 Woodward Mss: Welch Pedigrees pp 157,177-179
G T Clark: The Genealogies of Glamorgan P. 310 
Gwyn, Cadivor Fawr ap Lord of Dyved (I31348)
24066 Worc. Visitations 1582 Jones, Philip (I101781)
24067 Wotton & Lodge report Margaret as wife of Henry
BEB 1841 shows Margaret as wife of Sir Robert Henry's brother. 
Greystoke, Margaret (I46987)
24068 Wurtz: Magna Charta
J Williams: Llyfr Baglan P 81, 249 called Belye ap Mynogen
S R M / L Dwynn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 2: 118, 122
W Warrington: History of Wales -Cht- "The Genealogical Descents of the Princes of Wales"
D Wolcott: Ancient Wales Studies - Pedigree of the Royal Family of Powys 
Beli Mawr ap Manogan king of Britain, Heli The Nasciens / (I13134)
24069 Wurtz: Magna Charta
J Williams: Llyfr Baglan P. 246
S R Meyrick / L Dwyn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 1: 295 
Anthonius, Aedd Mawr ap Duke of Cornwall (I13170)
24070 Wurtz: Magna Charta
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 3: 2750 
Meurig, Angharad vz (I11339)
24071 Wurtz: Magna Charta Pedigree 3D & P. 431
W H Turton: The Plantagenet Ancestry P. 7
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 1 Chart 33 
Aquitaine, Eleanore of Queen of England (I7096)
Birthright son of his father and grandfather.
Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (in Hawaii).
He was a High Diving Champion while there and brought home several medals.
Played Saxaphone & Clarinet for many years as President of the Penrose Dance Orchestra, which he and his brothers formed, Elwood played saxaphone and Vaughn saxaphone and piano. They played many engagements as a Sax trio besides playing with the orchestra all over the valley and
at the University of Utah Ballroom.
He was an Avid Hunter- Bagged the largest Bull Elk taken in the Salt Lake District one year .
Served in the Church as Councilor in the 31st Ward Bishopric and on a High Council and as High Priests group leader.
Bank Teller for Utah Savings & Trust Bank - later assumed by Zions First National Bank, eventually retiring from there after about 35 years.
His Mother read a book about William Wallace of Scotland and was so impressed as to have her next child named after him. Hence Wallace - after William Wallace, and Herbert after his father. He was raised at 1102 so 9th East Street later lived at 1110 So. 9th East until he purchased a home at 1092 South 8th East Street where he raised his family by Laura Ann Kay.
Wallace H Penrose and Ruth Larinda Jeppson (Peterson) married (SLT) for time only 13 Aug 1959, the 2nd marriage for both, which ended in divorce 3 May 1980. Their were no children by the 2nd marriage. 
Penrose, Wallace Herbert (I14)
F Esshom: Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah P. 981 
Haws, Laura Rosetta (I44)
24074 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3)
Frank Esshom: Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah P.981
Farmer and stockraiser left Mona and settled in Tremonton Box Elder County, Utah where he died from
complications of Sugar Diabetes. 
Kay, John Thomas (I43)
24076 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16)
24077 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2)
Note: A stillborn child Johnnie Kay Penrose was born to Laura 18 Nov 1944,but it never took
the breath of life to become a living soul in mortality.
This means the child should be considered as never having been born and is not a candidate for the resurrection.
The question is raised by some about life before birth, as there is evidence proving the fetus was alive in the womb before mortal birth- is answered by J Reuben Clark. (Man,Gods greatest Miracle, page 20)
"We also note, that the spirit enters the body before the world life spoken of comes.
Thus there is a difference between the spirit (pre-mortal life) and the life (the existence following mortal birth of the body." (a mortal, "living soul")
Bruce R McConkie also recognizes this, "Mormon Doctrine" page 105 referring to Acts 17:25,
"Paul ... speaks of Gods giving both life and breath to all- thus making an apparent distinction
between the two things-- The breath of life is literally the air we breathe and which sustains the
life we have in this mortal sphere."
Joseph Smith Jr says "When God breathed into mans nostrils, he became a living soul, before
that he did not live, and when that was taken away his body died" T of PJS page 210
A person is not a living "soul" just because a spirit enters the body - that spirit cannot claim ownership of It,
(The body) does not belong to it, and it is not yet recognized as a "living soul".
The entrance of evil spirits into those possessed, and the swine mentioned in the scriptures are examples of illegal possession of the body and temporary acquisition which does not make them candidates for the resurrection.
Abraham notes 4 steps in the process of becoming a "living soul". (see Abr 5:7)
"The resurrection from the dead is the redemption of the soul" D&C section 88
The inability of mortal men sometimes to determine whether or not the newborn child did take a breath
in mortality, gives rise to keeping records of those considered stillborn, and leaving the resolution of this
question to our creator for determination of their status in the resurrection. 
Kay, Laura Ann (I15)
Parish Register: St Peder's Kirk,Landsgrov,Slagelse,Soro,Denmark (Gen. Soc. #38611, pt 6)
Humble Parish Register: (Gen. Soc. # 9811, pts 3 & 4)
Humble 1880 Census: (Gen. Soc. # 34413, pt 331)
Rudkjobeng,Langeland Svenborg is listed as the last place of residence in Denmark on the passenger emigration list of the "Cato & Leo" sailing 5 July 1880 to Liverpool,England then sailing from
Liverpool to New York on the Steamship "Wisconsin" 10 July 1880 arriving 21 July 1880, then traveling to SLC, arriving there 29 July 1880.
Named in her mothers Will dtd 1904.
See for correct family data 
Jensen, Marie Kirstine Sophia (I37)
24080 Ynyr King of Gwent was calculated to be the 14th generation from Cadwalladr
LLyfr Baglan P. 235 
Meyrich, Ynyr Vychan ap K of Gwent (I17092)
24081 Yokshire Pedigrees Vol 95 PP 341-343 Sothill, Barbara (I5537)
24082 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 52 Grice, Thomas (I9591)
24083 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 53
Whitakers' Ducatus Leodensis Vol 2: 206 
Neville, Margery (I9592)
24084 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 53
Whitakers' Ducatus Leodensis Vol 2: 206 
Beeston, Ralph [Esquire] (I9608)
24085 Yorkshire Pedigrees Anlaby, Ann (I7974)
24086 Yorkshire Pedigrees Vol 96 Thwenge, Sir Robert de (I35741)
24087 Yorkshire Pedigrees P 377 Constable, Isabel (I37924)
24088 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 166 Drax, Alan de (I53724)
24089 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 167 Drax, John Esq. (I5123)
24090 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 356 Swillington, Hugh de (I54585)
24091 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 356 Swillington, Adam (I54609)
24092 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 357 Swillington, Sir Roger (I54606)
24093 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 357 Swillington, Sir Adam (I54607)
24094 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 357 Reyner, Margerie (I54608)
24095 Yorkshire Pedigrees p. 466 Woodrove, Sir Richard (I9853)
24096 Yorkshire Pedigrees p. 466 Woodrove, Elizabeth (I68062)
24097 Yorkshire Pedigrees p. 466 Wortley, Jane (I84146)
24098 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 467
Cecil Matthews: Genealogical Tables p.74 
Woodrove, Beatrice (I5362)
24099 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 52
Whitakers' Ducatus Leodensis Vol 2: 205 
Bosville, Elizabeth (I9553)
24100 Yorkshire Pedigrees P. 52 Beeston, Anne (Agnes) (I9027)

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