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151 "Dau of the King of Castile, Niece of Eleanor Queen of Edward 1 of England" Castile, Agatha of Princess (I39370)
152 "Due to the incompleteness of the biblical record, many have regarded Cain as the eldest son of
Adam. However, latter-day revelation tells us that Adam and Eve had several sons and daughters
before Cain was born." (See Moses 5:1-3, 16-18. Also Bible Dictionary P.628) 
(Several sons and daughters) prior to Cain (I13893)
153 "Foel" means Bald
S R Meyrick / L Dwyn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 2 P. 100 (footnote 11)
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 3: 2748, 2750 
Anarawd, Idwal "Foel" ap Prince of N. Wales (I11620)
154 "Gabriel" May be a Priesthood Title similar to Elias which is Used as both
a personal Name and a Title born by several individuals (Noah being one of them). See Evidences
& Recollections V. 1:193
Jasher V:35 "Then Noah took the three daughters of Eliakim, son of Methuselah for wives for his
sons, as the Lord had commanded Noah."
Nuu = Noah
Three candidates are presented as wives of Noah
1. Naamah dau of Lamech descended of Cain by Zillah is propounded by William Smith: Bible
Dictionary Gen 4.22 (Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith disagrees)
2. Naamah dau of Enoch Jasher 5:15
3. Emzara dau of Rake'el brother of his father Lamech Jubillees 4:33
Noah was born when Lamech was 182 years old (P of G P Moses 8:8) 
Lamech, Noah ben (Gabriel) (I12511)
155 "Madrod a ymladdod ag Arthur" Llew, Madrod ap (I39491)
156 "My Gates Ancestry" P. 12 Gates, Stephen (2) (I2908)
157 "My Gates Ancestry" P. 12 Gates, Simon (I43001)
158 "My Gates Ancetry" P. 12 Gates, Stephen (3) (I2067)
159 "Niall of the Nine Hostages"
W H Turton: The Plantagenet Ancestry P 86
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 3 Chart 3067 
Niall I Noigiallach K of Ireland (I36825)
160 "Ogle and Bothal" ( British 929.242 0G50 - Gen. Library, SLC ) Ogle, John Bertram (I46704)
161 "Or his brother Pedaiah"
W Betham: Genealogical Tables Tab's XVIII, XX & XXI 
Salathiel (I13056)
162 #3 Daughter If death date of Sir Reginald is correct then Ursula could not have been his
daughter. Reginald is shown to have married Joan Tollington (NL1B-6F) 8 Oct 1556, this is either
a son not shown or the death date is wrong for Reginald. 
Scott, Ursula (I15597)
163 #9 Rhirid, Einion ap (I39103)
164 ,G Ormerod: The History of Cheshire Vol 3: 292, 352 Fitton, Elizabeth (I39908)
165 1 Chron. 2:24
W Betham: Genealogical Tab;es Tabs 16, 21 
Hezron (Esrom) (I12699)
166 1 Chron. 4:5 Ashur (I26705)
167 1&87, 1801 Danish Census Jensen, Rasmus (Pilegaard) (I785)

2) HAWS FAMILY RECORDS of Edna H. Bentwet (deceased)


4) THE HISTORY OF THE PROVO 4TH WARD by J. E. Booth 9224 P 94B


Walter Barney came to Utah in 1848; was a member of the Mormon Battalion. 
Barney, Walter (I936)
169 1-408-238-3771
David and Susan Howard
5500 Stoney Creek Place
San Jose,California 95138 
Howard, David Steven (I20700)
170 1. Washington Ward Records (GS 027435)
2. Temple Records Index Bureau - Index cards to St. George Temple Records
3. Records of Estelle Jackson, St. George, Utah and Dorothy Prince Carpenter 
Larson, Joseph Willard (I38107)
171 14th in descent from Cradoc Fraichfras
V M Norr: Some Early English Pedigrees P. 115
T Jones: History of Brecknockshire P. 249
SRM / L Dwynn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 1: 190 (footnote 6) Vol 2: 50 
Dryffin, Maenarch ap Prince of Brecknockshire (I10993)
172 1787 Danish Census Larsdatter, Maren (Fogedgaard) (I2683)
173 1787 Danish Census Larsdatter, Maren (Fogedgaard) (I2684)
174 1787 Danish Census Larsdatter, Margrethe (Fogedgaard) (I2685)
175 1787 Danish Census Larsen, Niels (Fogedgaard) (I2687)
176 1787 Danish Census Hansen, Lars (Fogedgaard) (I8444)
177 1787, 1801 Danish Census Rasmusdatter, Margrethe (I791)
178 1787, 1801 Danish Census Jensen, Jens (Pilegaard) (I790)
179 1787, 1801,1834, 1840 Danish Census - Check Sources Larsen, Rasmus Fogedgaard (I792)
180 1801 Census
Frederiksborg, Lynge-Kronborg, Blovstrod, Kiettinge Bye,, 5, FT-1801, B4077

Marital Position in the
Name: Age: status: household: Occupation:
Hans Jensen 48 Married Man Landless houseman works in day jobs
Marie Marensdatter 33 Married His wife
Jens Hansen 11 Single Their child
Anne Hansdatter 8 Single Their child
Sophie Hansdatter 6 Single Their child
Marcus Hansen 4 Single Their child
Niels Hansen 2 Single Their child 
Jensen, Hans (I42013)
181 1845 Census of Kiobenhavn (Copenhagen) borgergade #165
Master Clothing maker 1845 Census Borgergade #165, Skt. Annes Kvarter I, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Hansen, Jens (I42012)
182 1850 Census Eaton, 1870 Census Eaton-Lebanon,Madison, New York Partridge, Charles (I38282)
183 1850 Census Eaton, Madison, New York, 1880 Census Eaton Partridge, George Henry (I38287)
184 1870 Census Eaton Partridge, Franklin Stephen (I38286)
185 1880 Census of Pottawatomie, Kansas - Louisville City Balthis, Mary E (I503)
186 1st President of The United States of America
M L Call: The Condensed Edition of The Royal Ancestry Bible p. 56 -Washington 
Washington, George 1st U.S. President. (I39726)
187 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5879)
188 29th in descent from Eric 1 of the dalriadic dynasty MacAlpin, King of Scotland, Kenneth I (I9121)
189 2nd Cousin -1time removed -Heir of John of Tillington, Glous. who died abt 1395 (IPM 8 Mar 1396)
Bisshop Family P. 37
VM Norr: Some Early English Pedigrees P 85 (under age 1368)
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 1:558 Vol 3:2412
Son by the unknown 1st Wife of his father. John Jr and Margaret his 2nd wife, settled Houtenon in 1410 on Isabel (his stepmother) and Richard de la Mare her 2nd husband. ( IPM 23 Sep 1436) 
Eylesford, Sir John (I27356)
190 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I23280)
191 7866 Harpole St. S.E Salem,Oregon 97301 (503) 371-4129 Woodruff, Ray Leo (I5723)
192 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I26002)
193 ? brother of Maine Mal Leinster, Cathair Mor of King (I13385)
194 ?? Line 106: (New PAF RIN=8)
2 PLAC Utah Valley Hosp., Provo, Utah Co., UT

?? Line 109: (New PAF RIN=8)
2 PLAC (Provo Cemetery) Provo, Utah Co., UT 
Haws, Gilberth Lynn (I10868)
195 ?? Line 346: (New PAF MRIN=3)
2 PLAC (Cathedral Of The Magdalene), Salt Lakt City, Salt Lake, Utah
Buried in Ventura, Ventura, California.
Born in Lewis Presinct, Clay, Nebraska, also known as Harvard, Clay, Nebraska.
Parents were Dennis Addis Coleman and Mary Ann O'Brien.

Buried in Ventura, Ventura, California.
Born in Lewis Presinct, Clay, Nebraska, also known as Harvard, Clay, Nebraska. Parents were Dennis Addis Coleman and Mary Ann O'Brien. 
Coleman, Raymond Dennis (I11990)
196 ?? Line 42: (New PAF RIN=2)
1 BAPL 3 JUN 1875 2 OCT 1881

Parents are Nathaniel Williams and Eliza Helen Wall. 
Williams, Nancy Isabella (I12345)
197 ?? Line 712: (New PAF RIN=53)
2 PLAC Provo City Cemetery, Provo,, UT 
McEwan, Leland Earl (I12617)
198 ?? Line 753: (New PAF RIN=56)
2 PLAC Provo City Cemetary, Provo, Utah, UT 
Foote, Thomas John (I11843)
199 ?? Line 801: (New PAF RIN=59)
2 PLAC East Lawn Memorial Hills, Provo, Utah, UT 
Foote, Ina Louisa (I12576)
200 ?? Possibly married wife of older brother Marion Oliver Haws after he died on 8 Sep 1936. Marriage was on 21 Sep 1944. Haws, Clive Stanley (I23754)

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