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BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1492 
Manners, Anthony (I49616)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Abt 1555 
Arnold, John (I4741)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born of Chirk. 
Iorwerth Foel, Madog Lloyd ap (I78114)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Clarence John 
Lank, Clarence (I72032)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Hugh ( King of France)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Paris, France.

DEATH: Also shown as Died Paris, France.

BURIAL: Also shown as Buried St. Denis Basilica, Paris, France. 
Capet, Hugh King of the Franks (I109970)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Hugh The Grand

DEATH: Also shown as Died 17 Sep 1025 
France, Hugh "The Grand" (I6538)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I78782)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I102446)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I17394)

SURNAME: Also shown as Avenel

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as William de

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Abt 1130 
Avenal, William (I59673)

SURNAME: Also shown as Basse

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1662 
Bayes, Mary (I7330)

SURNAME: Also shown as Tulis

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Laurel Jeanne 
Tullis, Laural Jeanne (I78781)

SURNAME: Also shown as Vansant 
Van Sant, Hannah Elizabeth (I109210)
15 !Information from A HISTORY OF THE HEADLEE AND HEADLEY FAMILIES by Ray Headlee pp 29,30,3l. Fordyce, Samuel (I61789)
16 Alfred J. and Lucinda Burge resided in Wayne Township of Greene County, Pennsylvania during the early years of their married life; during that time Alfred worked as a tailor. They left there about 1857 and were living in Wood County, Virginia (now W.Va.) in 1860, having been in Iowa and Missouri in the meantime. They removed to Ritchie Couty, West Virginia, where they resided some twenty years before returning to Wood County in 1884. There they spent the remainder of their days in the area near Parkersburg. The parents of Alfred Burge resided with Alfred and Lucinda during the later years of their married lives; both died in their home. Likewise Lucinda's mother passed away in the home of Alfred and Lucinda.

Alfred Burge was a farmer and land-owner; he also worked in the oil fields.
(From HENNEN'S CHOICE Volume One by Dorothy T. Hennen p79)

1850 U.S. census Green Co., Pennsylvania - Wayne twnshp
Burge, Alfred J. - age 27 - tailor
Lucinda - age 16
William - age 1

1870 U.S. census Ritchie Co., W.Va. - Grant
Burge, A. J. - age 47 - farmer
Lucinda - age 35 - keeping house
Wm. L. age 19 - at home
Mary M. - age 22 - b. Ohio
Joshua F. age 14 b. PA
Missouri A. - age 12 b. MO
Amanuel - age 8
Jackson A. J. - age 4 b. W.VA
Mary E. age 1 b. W.Va.
Henry - age 74 - retired farmer

1880 - U.S. census Ritchie County, W.Va. Grant
Burge, Alfred J. age 53 - works on oil works
Lucinda = age 47 - wife - keeping house
Amanuel W. age 17 - works on farm
A. Jackson age 13 - works on farm
L. Virginia age 12 - at home
John M. age 8
Frances M. age 5

1900 U.S. census Wood Co., W.Va. - Clay
Burge, A. J., Sr. - b. Jul 1823 age 76 - married 51 years
Lucinda - wife b. May 1833 - age 67 - married 51 years mother of 11 children, 9 living

1910 US census Wood Co., W.Va. - Clay
Burge, Alfred J. - age 86 - widowed
Justine - granddaughter - age 17 
Burge, Alfred Jackson (I38077)
17 Alfred Jackson Burge, Jr. married Martha Gertrude Schrader 4 June 1892. Alfred J. and Gertrude Burge resided throughout their married life in the areas of Parkersburg and Murphystown, West Virginia. Alfred was an oil field worker, teamster and storekeeper. He is buried in the Grant-McPeek Cemetery at Murphystown, West virginia; Gertrude is buried in the Ridgelawn Cemetery at Gary, Indiana.
(From HENNEN'S CHOICE Volume One by Dorothy T. Hennen p169)

1900 U.S. census Wood Co., W.Va. - Clay
Burge, A. J. - b. Dec 1866 - age 33 - married 8 years
Martha G. - wife - B. Oct 1874 - age 25 - married 8 years, mother of 4 children, 4 living
Justine K. age 7 b. Mar 1843 W.Va.
Freda N. - age 5 b. Nov 1894 W.Va.
Samantha - age 3 b. Dec 1896
Hattie N. - age 1 born Oct 1898 W.Va.

1910 US census Wood County, W.Va. - Clay
Burge, Alfred J., Jr. - age 43 - married 17 years
Gertrude - wife age 35 - married 17 years mother of 7 children, 6 living
Freda N. - age 15
Muriel - age 13
Hattie - age 11
Clyde - son age 7 b. W.Va.
Paul - son - age 5 b. W.Va.
Schrader, Samantha - mother in law - age 73 - widowed mother of 10 children, 5 living 
Burge, Alfred Jackson (I61719)
18 Amanuel Wyke Burge married Anna Schrader 12 Nov 1895. Both are buried in the Grant-McPeek Cemetery at Murphystown, West Virginia. Amanuel and Anna resided throughout their married life in the area of Murphystown, West Virginia where he was a farmer; he also was a long-time Sabbath School superintendent.
(From HENNEN'S CHOICE - volume One by Dorothy T. Hennen p169)

1900 US census Wood County, W.Va Clay
Burge, Emanuel b. Nov 1863 - age 36 married 5 years
Georgiana - wife b. June 1870 age 29 married 5 years - mother of 2 children, 1 living
Ernest K. b. Jan 1898 age 2 - b. W.Va.

1910 US census Wood County, W.Va. Clay
Burge, Amanuel W. age 46 married 15 years
Anna - wife age 36 married 15 years mother of 3 children, 2 living
Ernest age 12
Earl age 8 
Burge, Emanuel Wyke (I61718)
19 John Proudfoot III buried in Corder's Primative Baptist Cemetery, two miles north of Philippi (Rt 250) left on Hacker's Creek Road about 1/2 mile, right side.
He was born at Leeds Manor near Salem, Fauquier Co., Virginia. 
Proudfoot, John Iii (I61677)
20 Joshua and Rebecca Headlee resided in the area of Kirby in Greene county, Pennsylvania from the time of their marriage until after the death of Rebecca's father. They then purchased the Hennen home property after the death of Rebecca's father; they removed to this location near Jollytown, Greene Co., Pa. about 1853. In September of 1855 Joshua and Rebecca Headlee sold this property and commenced looking for a new home. Land was purchased in Ritchie county Virginia (now W.VA.) on the north fork of the Hughes River. Here they took up permanent residence in Grant District, near Cairo.
Like his forefathers, Joshua F. Headlee was a farmer and land owner; however during his later years he had become a Methodist Minister carrying the gospel into many of the remote areas of the country. The appraisal of his personal property, after his decease, indicates that he had also become a traveling salesman. This last trade was probably pursued in conjunction with his ministerial duties which also, no doubt, accounted for his westward travels during his final years.
Joshua F. Headlee preached his last sermon three weeks before his death. This sermon attracted such a large crowd that the meeting-house could not accomodate all thos attending; therefore, he went outdoors to deliver his message. His death resulted from pneumonia which developed following this last sermon. His wife, Rebecca, was also a devout Methodist and Christian woman until her death.
Rebecca Hennen Headlee continued to reside in Grant District of Ritchie County, West Virginia after the death of Joshua F. Headlee. Many descendents reside there now.
The Family Bible of Joshua and Rebecca Headlee has been preserved all these years and is presently in the possession of a great granddaughter who has graciously supplied us with a copy of the records written in this old bible.
!(From HENNEN'S CHOICE by Dorothy T. Hennen p39-40) !FAMILY BIBLE: Headlee family bible in possession of Mrs. Justine Burge Deem
3806 Noyes Ave., Charleston, W.Va. 
Headlee, Joshua Fordyce (I61768)
21 Joshua Fordyce Burge and his wife Ellen Layfield Burge are both buried in the Red Hill U.B. Cemetery in Wood Co., West Virginia. Joshua and Ellen resided for some years in Ritchie County, West virginia; later removed to Wood County and took up residence in the area of Murphystown. Joshua was a farmer.

1880 U.S. census Ritchie Co., W.Va. - Grant
Burge, J. Fordice age 24 - farmer
Ellen wife - age 20 - keeping house
William H. son 1 and 1/12
Frances E. age 2 - daughter

1900 U.S. census Wood Co., W.Va clay
Burge Joshua - b. Mar 1856 - age 44 - married 23 years
Ellen - wife b. Sep 1861 - age 38 married 23 years mother of 6 children - 5 living
Wm. H. - son - b. May 1880 age 20
Alfred S. - son b. Oct 1883 - age 16
Jacob W. son - b. Jan 1885 - age 19
Clarence A. - son b. Aug 1897 age 2

1910 US census Wood Co., W.Va. Clay
Burge, J. Fordyce age 54 - married 33 years
Ellen - wife age 48 married 33 years mother of 6 children, 5 living
Walter - son age 24
Clarence - son age 13 
Burge, Joshua Fordyce (I61714)
22 Lucinda Virginia Burge married David John King . Both are buried in Highland Cemetery at Huntington, West Virginia. David and Jennie King resided in Huntington, West Virginia where David was an employee of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company.
(From HENNEN'S CHOICE Volume One by Dorothy T. Hennen p170) 
Burge, Lucinda Virginia (I61720)
23 Lucy and her husband Simon Switzer were buried in Mary's Chapel Cemetery - north of Philippi, West Virginia. Proudfoot, Lucy Ann (I61680)
24 Rachael married George Erven Six 21 Feb 1877. They resided throughout their married life near Harrisville, West Virginia where he was a farmer.
Three of their six children, unmarried, remained on the home farm.
Both Rachael and George are buried in the Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery, in Grant District, Ritchie Co., West Virginia.
(From HENNEN'S CHOICE volume One by Dorothy T. Hennen p168-169) 
Burge, Rachel Ann Missouri (I61715)
25 Samuel Headlee moved to the state of Illinois as a young man. Headlee, Samuel (I61784)
26 !Information from A HISTORY OF THE HEADLEY AND HEADLEE FAMILIES by Ray L. Headlee p29 Huggins, Elizabeth (I61790)
Mrs. Samary Stedman Sherman, died at her home, Sherman, Washington, Jan. 30th 1898, in her 93rd year of her life from infirmities incident to old age. (92y 2m 26d).
She was born in Palmer, Mass., Nov. 4th 1805, of Puritan parentage. Her mother's maiden name was Cargill, a lineal descendant of Rev. Donald Cargill, who was executed in 1684 at the cross of Edinburg, because of his religious principles.
She migrated with her parents in 1816 from Massachusettes, crossing the Allegheny mountains in wagons and settled in Chester, Meigs County, Ohio.
She was thrice married - first, to Lyman Stedman in 1823 who died in 1828, leaving her with three children - to David Deford, in 1832 who died in 1836, leaving one child - to Isaac B. Sherman in 1839, who died in 1852. Four children resulted from this last union.
She is survived by three of her children - Lyman Stedman of Brown's Island, West Virginia; Amanda Sherman Widmer, of Lipscomb, Texas and George V. Sherman of Sherman, Washington and numerous grandchildren down to the fourth generation.
She removed to Kansas, with her three youngest children in 1870 and from there to her last earthly home in Eastern Washington in 1880.
Born within sound of the stormy Atlantic, she has crossed the continent and closed her eyes to all earthly scenes on the mild Pacific shore.
Thus has passed away one of the best and noblest of women - a faithful wife; a fond and devoted mother; a kind and sympathizing friend.
Her life, prolonged beyong the usual allotment of years, has been one of continuous usefulness and tender solicitude and enlisted in her favor the love and esteem of those who knew her many acts of kindness.
She was a life-long church member. She had implicit faith in her Redeemer and often expressed herself as ready, at the Master's summons, to join the loved ones who had gone before, and there wait expectant for those who must soon follow to the eternal shore.
L. S. Stedman

Letter from Samary Stedman Sherman to her grandson - dated 3 Nov 1886 from Sherman, Washington.

My Dear Grandson
Your very kind letter came safe to me and I was very glad you have got into such good business and hope you will stick to it and do well and be perfectly honest in all of your dealings and you will come out all right, and be sure and keep good company or non.
I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell but hope you are much bettter now. I often think of you away there by yourself and no kindred near you to take care of you if you get sick but I hope the good Lord will keep you when you go out and when you come in from this time and hencefore and forever more.
I was 81 years old the first day of this month, I don't know as I shall live to see another birthday or not for I am getting so old and feeble of late. We moved into our new house about a week ago and I have been so busy that I have not had time to write to you. It is 24 feet by 16 and a story and a half high weather boarded on the outside and ceiled on the inside with boards and is pretty comfortable.
We had two lodgers last night besides ourselves, old Mr. White and a stranger. Yesterday was election and there were lots of men and women here to vote. I had 4 women here to dinner. Mrs. Brasille inquired about you. I told her you were in a drugstore and going quite well. Mrs. Welch also inquired about you and Mrs. Delong often asked about you - what kind of a bed do you have to sleep on and do you have enough bed clothes to keep pyou warm. I hope you have a plenty to eat.
Mrs. Howk is building an addition to his Smith shop he will bring his wife to stay with him when he works here. Mr. Warren helped George build the house.
Eunice Rhodes and Mr. Dunnigan is to be married soon. Lyman's folks were well the last we heard from them. They are gathering their apples when last heard from of which they have a great many this fall. Lyman says he would send me a barrel if he thought they would ever reach me and I should be glad of them for I never get to see one very often.
This is mail day and I want to write to Lyman and Amanda. We expect to have the post office here after this week. Write as often as you can.
I am as every your very affectionate Grand Mother.
Samary S. Sherman Mr. Hopkins eldest son got kicked in the stonach by a horse and will be buried this afternoon. He was about 8 years old. Mr. Fletcher has brought in a load of apples to Redwine - he sells at 4 cts. per lb.

Letter - dated Dec. 21st 1886 - Sherman
Dear Jodie,
I was very glad to hear from you and hear that your health was better but I fear it will not agree with you to be amongst so many poison drugs and you must get as much outside air as you can. The old house looks quite lonely since we left it.
Mr. Redwine has it full now of oats and onions and it makes a good place for the Indians to camp in. I often think of you and wish I could see you but we are now thousands of miles apart and it is doubtful if we ever see each other again, but hope you will still continue to write to me for I like to hear from yiou and know where you are, and how you enjoy your health.
I have just written to your sister, Mary and thought I would write a few lines to you. My health is pretty good excepting I am troubled with the rheumatism in my right hip.
We have been blest with mild weather all along until today. It is getting quite cold and blustering. Johny wanted George to go with him and get a load of wood down below Welches and I think they will have a great time.
Mrs. Brasill was here not long ago and I told her what you said and she was much pleased and told me to give her best regards to you and so did Mrs. Welch.
Mr. Fletcher came up with his buggy and took me and George down to his house. They have got a new house. They are very kind neighbors. This is that Mr. Fletcher's brother that was here when you were here. The other family will be here in the spring and lots more they say from Waitsburgh.
It is getting so cold I shall have to quite writing.
I hope you will continue to write to your very affectionate Grantmother.
Samary S. Sherman

The California papers that you subscribed for has come until now. The last papers says your time is out. I sent them to Blanch McClenathan after I read them. I like them so well. I think I will subscribe for it.
Dec 22
Miss E. Rhodes is married to Mr. Dunagin. The snow fell last night three inches and will make sleighing for Christmas. Grips family have moved to Spokane and I hope they never will come back. My hand trembles. I have been sweeping snow off of the door sills.
Take care of yourself. Inquire at the Post Office for a newspaper. I will send those ..... that Lyman's folks sent to you. I forgot to give them to you. 
McClanathan, Samary (I38082)
28 William and Mary resided through the early part of their married life in Ritchie County, West Virginia where he was employed in a saw mill. Their later years were spent in Ohio.
HENNEN'S CHOICE Vol. 1 by Dorothy T. Hennen p167

1880 US census for Ritchie Co., W.Va. Grant district
Burge, William - age 30
Mary M. age 33 - wife
Martin age 9
Rose age 5
Joseph age 3
Cora age 2

1900 US census for Morgan County Ohio - Penn township
Burge, William L. - b. Apr 1850 age 50 married 30 years
Mary M. - wife age 47 . b. Dec 1852 married 30 years mother of 7 children, 6 living 
Burge, William Louis (I61713)
29 BIRT PLAC Of Tetsworth And Bourton, Oxfordshire, Engl.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
Danvers, Robert (I15257)
30 BIRTH DATE: 1265 (54-1319) d'Oyly, John (I11553)
31 BIRTH PLACE = Of Cefnyddwyglwyd, Monmouthshire, Wales
G T Clark: The Genealogies of Glamorgan P. 562, 252
J Williams: Llyfr Baglan P. 238 
Howel, Howel "Fychan" ap (I14218)
32 BIRTH PLACE Castell Kibwr Brynwith, Glamorgan, Wales
G T Clark: The Genealogies of Glamorgan P. 7
From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
Ieuan, Sir Mathew ap (I15926)
33 FamilySearch Ancestral file # HPFJ-J8 shows Alice as born Abt 1366 of Griffe, Warwickshire Engl.
and Marrying Thomas Botiler # HPFJ-GW born Abt 1362.
VM Norr: Some Early English Pedigrees P. 22 shows Alice as born abt 1330 and marrying
Thomas Botiller born abt 1326 and inheriting Sudeley from his mother in 1368.
An Alice Beauchamp B Abt 1337 is shown on p. 23 and marrying John Beauchamp of
Somersetshire abt 1355 remarried abt 1362 after the death of her husband in 1361.
Burke: Dormant and Extinct Peerages shows William Botiler and his wife Joan Sudeley
as having an only daughter and heiress Elizabeth. Under Sudeley-Barons Sudeley however
William Boteler of Wemme is shown as Marrying Joane Sudeley and having a son Thomas who
obtained Sudeley Castle. 
Beauchamp, Alice (I14445)
34 Henry and Rebecca Weaver resided through the early years of their married life in Ritchie County, West Virginia; they removed to Wood county (same state) about 1888 and remained there some time. Again they were on the move to Muskingum County, Ohio where they remained during their later years. Henry Hamilton Weaver was a farmer.
from HENNEN'S CHOICE vol. 1 by Dorothy T. Hennen p 168

1900 US census West Virginia, Wood Co - Clay District
Henry H. Weaver and his family

Application for letters of administration - Ohio - Muskingum County Probate Court 6 Jan 1926
for Henry H. Weaver leaving Rebecca Weaver a widow at age 73 years
Alfred J. Weaver - son age 53 - Zanesville, Ohio
Jane Harris - dau age 51 - Fultonham
Rachel Burris - dau age 49 - Chillicothe, Ohio
John Weaver - som age 48 - Zanesville, Ohio
Frank Weaver - son age 46 - Brokaw, Ohio
Fordyce Weaver - son age 44 Roxbury, Ohio
Oscar Weaver - son age 40 Parkersburg, West Virginia
Bessie White - dau - age 38 Zanesville, Ohio
Emma Jackson - dau age 36 - Zanesville, Ohio
Arthur Weaver - son age 34 - Zanesville, Ohio
Robert Weaver - son age 30 - Zanesville, Ohio

Death certificate for Henry H. Weaver - Ohio

Judi Weaver Sampson - research on Weaver family - Kimbolton, Ohio 
Weaver, Henry Hamilton (I38075)
35 In the Orkneyinga Saga it is stated: "The sons of Snaefrid (and King Harald),Halfdan Halegg
and Gudrod Liomi killed Rognvald Earl of Moeri". Inasmuch as Rognvald was said to have
returned to Norway after being granted the Earldom of Orkney (he passed it on to his brother
Sigurd 'the powerful') and as he is named Earl of More in the Saga at the time of his death,
there is every reason to believe that he died in More, Norway and not in Orkney. One of his
killers (Halfdan) fled Norway ,after the deed, to Orkney where he was killed by Rognvald's son
V M Norr: Some Early English Pedigrees P. 59
J P Yeatman: The History of the House of Arundel P 70
B G Montgomery: Origin and History of the Montgomerys -- Shows Rollo's father as Ingvar
Ragnarsson as believed by the Danes- that shown here is believed by the Norwegians.
W H Turton: The Plantagenet Ancestry P. 6
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 2: 1812 
Eysteinsson, Rognwald I Jarl (I4826)
36 The Visitations of Cheshire pp: 308-309, 324, 477 Leigh, Edward (I46059)
37 VM Norr: Some Early English Pedigrees pp 8, 65, 124
T Jones: History of Brecknockshire P 394
"He had issue by his wife-five sons and seven daughters", "Sir Walter Herbert, the second son,
is erroneously said by Edmondson to have died without issue, his descendants were settled at
Caldecot in Monmouthshire." See footnote (3).
S R Meyrick/ L Dwyn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 1: 295 
Thomas, Sir William Herbert ap (I5545)
38 1 Chron. 2:4 "And Tamar his Daughter in law bore him ... Zerah".
W Betham: Genealogical Tables Tab 16 
Semite, Tamar (Thamar) the (I12964)
39 1900 census Barbour co., W.Va. - Valley district - taken 6 Jul 1900
Swick, Eugene - b. Nov. 1861 - age 38 - married 18 years
Mary E. - b. May 1863 age 37 maried 18 years mother of 7 children 6 living - b. W.Va.
Simon E. - b. Sept 1884 - age 15
Simma V. - b. Dec 1886 - age 13
Ramen R. - b. Jan 1893 - age 7
Berta - female - b. Mar. 1896 age 4
infant daughter b. July 1899 age 10/12
infant daughter - b. July 1899 age 10/12 (twins)

1910 US census Barbour Co., W.Va. - Valley
Swick, Eugenis E. - age 48 - married 25 years
Mary E. - age 48 married 25 years , mother of 8 children, 7 living
Raymond R. - age 17
Bertie - dau - age 14
Beulah - age 10
Blooma - age 10
baby dau age 3

1920 US. census Barbour Co., W.Va. - Valley
Swick - Eugenis E. age 58
Mary E. - age 56
Berta L. age 23
Bula G. age 20
Blooma M. age 20
Lona C. - dau age 13

Barbour County Headstone Readings Vol 1 page 96 for Ora Pearl Swick 
Swick, Eugenous Elsworth (I63110)
40 ? Eighteenth in descent from Cadell Deyrnllyg King of Powys 6th in descent from Brochwel ap
Aeddan. Apparently there is some conflict in the sequence of descent. (Griffith ap Beli and Griffith
ap Iorwerth are confused, as also Beli ap Griffith and Beli ap Selyw). Some say Beli y Garth and
Beli ap Selyw are the same person and that he is elder Brother of Meiler Grygg. The differences
in sequential descent may be attributed to ambiguity in the records.
S R Meyrick / L Dwyn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 1 pp. 221, 283, 299

Meiler Grug is said to have been 18th in descent from Cadell Detrnllyg King of Powys
S R Meyrick / L Dwyn: The Heraldic Visitations of Wales Vol 1:283 -(footnote 1) 
Selyf, Meilyr Gryg (Grugynog) ap (I16735)
41 Albero is listed as son of Clodio son of Pharamond by W Betham: Genealogical Tables (TAB CCLII)
Albero is also listed by some as the son of Pharamond
M E Sorley: The Sorley Pedigrees P. 11 
Albero or Alberic Duke on the Moselle (I14019)
42 Burke: Dormant and Extinct Peerages (Botetourt) Grey, Maud de (I16802)
43 Dennes or Dionis named in the will of her husband 1624. Probably named Dionis Hoskins. Hoskins, Dennis or Dionis (I2505)
44 Edward Spalding arrived in America abt 1619 with his younger brother Edmund from
England. He married and had children in Virginia which were massacred by indians. (Their
names are presently unknown) Edward then moved to Massachussetts where he remarried
abt 1632,Margaret (Elliot), and again in (1640) Rachel,of Braintree, Massachussetts. 
Spalding, Edward (I2878)
45 FamilySearch - IGI
J L Vivyan: The Visitations of Cornwall p. 387
John was not named in the will of his Grandfather John Pye 6 July 1709 
Pye, John (I99215)
46 G Ormerod: The History of Cheshire Vol 2 P. 377
M L Call: The Royal Ancestry Bible Vol 1: 758 
Brereton, Sir Randle (I39944)
47 Jasher 4:11 "Lamech ... took Ashmua the daughter of Elishaa...son of Enoch his uncle" Elishaa, Ashmua bat (I12296)
48 M E Sorley: The Sorley Pedigrees pp 53, 44 St Lo, Joan de (I14403)
49 Niece of Tiberias Agrippina (I44446)
50 S R Meyrick / LDwynn: The Heraldic Visitation of Wales Vol 1: 310, 313 (Pedigree of John Pryce) Gwinau, Teon ap (I27130)

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